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Three scams reported in county by sheriff’s office PDF Print E-mail

The Perkins County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn citizens about three recent scams occurring the past week in Perkins County.
The first scam is targeting mostly females, but everyone should be aware.
The scammers are calling people and saying they are with a Nebraska Sheriff’s Office-Warrants Division.
They are then telling the victims that there is a warrant for their arrest for various reasons including failure to appear for jury duty.
Then the victim is instructed to pay a fine ranging anywhere from $450 to $480 via a Green Dot card, or they will be arrested.
The second scam is targeting citizens’ computers on line. You may receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft stating they need to access your computer remotely.
Do not let anyone access your computer this way. They will be able to access all of your account information or any personal information you may have stored on this computer.
The third scam is that someone is calling random people to let them know that they won the lottery. They will then ask you to pay your taxes or a processing fee up front by Western Union. Do not give any banking information or send any money to these people.
The Perkins County Sheriff’s Office would like to again remind everyone not to give out any bank or credit card information to any of these people.
Once the perpetrators of these scams have your bank information or you have wired them money it is difficult if not impossible to reobtain the scammed funds.
If you have questions over the validity of a call, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 308-352-7500 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it