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What a letdown Sunday

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

The Super Bowl is over. Like many of the 47 previous ones, the hype before the game turned out to be just that—hype.
The game was a rout, which is too bad because you hope that a championship game would have some of the excitement of the games that were played during the season and the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl.
Just my opinion, but the entire Super Bowl atmosphere wasn’t all that super this year. I enjoyed some of the commercials but not all of them. The Doritos time machine got my first vote as a better than average commercial and, of course, Bud’s puppy adoption one had to be a top pick.
How could you go wrong when you combine a puppy dog, a Clydesdale horse and beer? If you could have put mom, some apple pie and a hotdog in the commercial you would have touched on everything that is sacred in America! It is just too bad the game didn’t live up to expectations.
The game did give credence to the old saying that “Defense wins the big games.” This was the fourth time in Super Bowl history that the top offensive team in the NFL met the leading defensive team and the defensive team has won three of them.
Maybe one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the league had a terrible game and one of the youngest in the NFL had a tremendous game.
Peyton Manning had a tremendous year, and I just said that he had a terrible game, but it is a team thing and Manning wasn’t surrounded by great plays by his offensive line and sometimes his backs and receivers had turnovers that cost the Broncos a great deal. It would be nice to see Manning win a Super Bowl and then be able to ride off in the sunset into retirement. Maybe next year?
Realignment in Basketball
Some of the moving around of teams from one conference to another paid off with a classic game being played in the Carrier Dome between Syracuse and Duke. The game had two Hall of Fame coaches in Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski. The first conference game between the two teams went overtime before the Orangemen pulled out a 91-89 win.
It was a great game to watch. It had an attendance of 35,000 people and it was loud. It was well played with very few turnovers, great defense even in a 91-89 game and outstanding players on the floor for both teams.
Boeheim was quoted after the game “If you paid $3,400 on the market for a courtside seat, it was money well spent, and you should be happy that you did. If you sold your tickets for this game, you should be ashamed because you made some money and missed an epic.” He went on to say “I don’t think I have been involved in a better game in here that I can remember, where both teams played at such a high level.”
C.J. Fair who dropped 28 on Duke said that he thought this rivalry would surpass maybe Syracuse and Georgetown. It has all the ingredients to do so. I worry about people though who think $3,400 per seat courtside is money well spent. I could have enjoyed that game if I had only paid $20 dollars a seat. It must not work that way.
Syracuse will be the number one team in the nation this week moving into that spot because Arizona was beaten by California on Saturday.
There were a number of top ten teams that went down to defeat including my beloved KU Jayhawks. Texas came out and punched the Jayhawks right in the mouth and kept hammering them until the final buzzer. Couple the KU game with the Broncos and I came close to crying myself to sleep a couple of times this weekend.
The basketball season always started to speed up at this time of the year when I was coaching. It seemed as if after the SPVA tournament you only had a couple of games and it was district time. There are still a number of games in high school and college to be played yet though and I know that there will be a lot more excitement in the next month and a half.