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By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

It is hard to believe that this week starts the district playoff rounds for the NSAA spring sports. Not all of them start this week, but the district track meets get underway and the State Track Meet is just around the corner.
This year the local track teams get to take that familiar trip to Bayard for their district contest. Bayard isn’t the host every year, but almost every year.
The way the districts are set Perkins County in most years will end up in the West division. Bayard is experienced in putting on meets, but there are other schools that do a great job also.
Anytime that I inquired about why we couldn’t get a district, you heard pretty much the same thing and that was they tried to get a central location.
That was hard to understand sometimes when one year you ended up in the East district and you went to Cambridge and then if you got back into the West the next year you ended up headed back up the road to Bayard. I guess Grant is not centrally located for much.
I am sure the few years that we did get a district, the meets were very well administered and PC has some of the best track facilities anywhere around. Maybe next year we will be centrally located. Good luck to the track teams in Bayard this week.
NBA Playoffs
I have to admit that I have been watching some NBA playoff games. It has to be because I can’t find a good movie or any other sport that I would want to watch.
I don’t particularly care for the Lakers so it was okay with me that they got swept by Dallas. They not only got beat four games to none, but they made a less than “classy” exit with a couple of their players, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum, handing out a couple of the “cheapest” shots you will ever see.
It appeared to me that the LA players just wanted to get off the floor as they were getting blown out by 30. It was also supposedly Phil Jackson’s final game in coaching. Jackson has retired before but has come back to coach again. Personally, I can relate to that a little bit.
Phil Jackson has 11 championships and his teams won over 1100 games in his Hall of Fame career. He coached some of the NBA’s best players but just having great players doesn’t always mean you get 11 championships
Jackson had the ability to take great players and put together great teams and that is why he was successful. It would be nice, however, to have players like Jordan, Pippen, Shaq, Kolby and all the other outstanding guys through the years.