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By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor


Perkins County Zoning Administrator Chris Loeffler has released information that will aid the public in learning results from town hall meetings and a county-wide survey.

In March, town hall meetings sponsored by the Perkins County Planning Commission in cooperation with the Southwest Nebraska Community Betterment Corporation were held in Grant, Madrid and Venango.

Town Meetings

Results from each of the respective town’s meetings are now posted online. Each meeting sought input from the public to prioritize projects, goals and objectives.

Assets that each community has to offer are included in the results, along with challenges each community faces and the opportunities they offer.

Visit the website at and click on the town hall meeting results for each respective town.


A survey was also done among county residents that included questions about each town village and about the county.

Visit the website at There is a link to the “survey monkey” that provides complete results of the survey and applies percentages to each question that was answered by patrons of the county.

Loeffler suggests clicking on the “show replies” link within the questions to read comments from participants.

“The planning commission has been very busy working on language that will allow for private airports to be built,” said Loeffler. “At the same time, they are considering language that will allow wind generation to be built.”

She said the commission is hoping to use the information gathered at the town hall meetings and the survey to update the comprehensive plan.

Upcoming Hearings

Loeffler said all of these changes mean there will be public hearings scheduled for 2011 and reminds residents to check the weekly legal notices in the paper for notification of the upcoming meetings.

She said everyone’s input on these important issues is welcome.