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Clean-up project continues PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor


Designated as the nuisance officer for the City of Grant, West Central Nebraska Development District (WCNDD) has begun assessment of property within the city limits to identify potential properties targeted for clean up.

The city adopted an ordinance some time ago that would lead to the eventual abatement of some properties designated as nuisances.

Because of a health issue, one property in the 200 block of Logan has already been deemed a nuisance and will be dealt with in the near future even though it is not located in the area where the first assessments are being performed.

The assessment process began in Grant’s northeast quadrant. 

Some residents  have been sent courtesy letters from WCNDD informing them that something has been identified in their yard that could potentially be viewed as a nuisance.

Property owners are given a specified period of time in which to clean up their properties prior to the action going before the city council.

To aid residents in cleaning up their property, the city is providing a roll-off dumpster—to be used by Grant residents only—for disposal of non-hazardous discarded goods. It is located at the grass clipping collection site west of the ball field. 

The dumpster will be there until June 14. 

White goods and metal can be disposed of at the city’s dump site on the hill at 1st and Hancock. 

During the first part of June, a reassessment will be performed on properties in the northeast quadrant to see if the suggested cleanup has taken place, said City Superintendent Tyson McGreer.

The Grant City Council will meet on June 22 and make decisions on which properties will be abated by the city if cleanup has not been done as suggested. 

The process being used is according to state statute or city ordinance, said McGreer. He encourages residents to contact him if they have questions about how the process is being done. 

“We want Grant to be as clean and prosperous as it can be,” said McGreer. 

Sutherland, Paxton and Imperial are currently undergoing the same process, he said.

Venango did the same thing a while back, which is where Grant got the idea, said McGreer.

Madrid also undertook a cleanup process, although a different nuisance officer was used.

McGreer feels everyone believes in the common goal of being proud of the town in which they live, and believes Grant’s goal of cleaning up nuisance properties will eventually be accomplished.

The project will proceed with other areas of town being assessed as more funds become available.