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Wallace students visited by former NFL players PDF Print E-mail

By Greg Skeen

Wallace Instructor

Keith Davis, a former NFL player turned motivational speaker, came to Wallace School District 65 R on Tuesday, Feb. 16. 

Davis spoke to the students about education, excellence, and effort. Many things were discussed during the assembly, but the main topics he spoke about are changing your attitude, perseverance, and having a dream. 

During the assembly, Davis and Devin Wyman demonstrated to the students about having a vision and reaching your dreams by bending a one inch thick iron bar. 

Davis also rolled a skillet like a burrito. The students found this to be really amazing. 

At the end one lucky student was allowed to wear an authentic Rose Bowl USC jersey along with a Rose Bowl ring and a Super Bowl ring. 

After the assembly students waited in line to speak with both Davis and Wyman along with receiving an autographed football card. 

Davis shared the following quotes:. 

• If I don’t change, nothing changes.

• We are not born winners or born losers, but born choosers.

• You don’t have to be a world class athlete, just a world class person to succeed in life. 

• Don't look into the past, it can't be changed, look into the future and see what you can change.

• Winners look at what they are going to, losers look at what they are going through.

• There are two types of friends “dream makers” and “dream breakers.”