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Pleased with Heineman’s priorities PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I read the article in The Grant Tribune-Sentinel: “Governor outlines three priorities for Nebraska’s prosperous future.” Having spoken with Governor Heineman on various occasions, I have found him to be engaging, witty and firmly in command of the issues that affect Nebraskans and all Americans on a personal level. 

I like his three priorities for prosperity:  Job Creation;  Strengthening Education; Expediting governmental efficiency via technology. 

My family’s roots come from NEBRASKA. Last October 2009, I drove from Texas to Omaha to hear Mitt Romney give a speech. He was introduced by Gov. Heineman. I was impressed by Governor Heineman’s firm decision-making skills. He has accomplished a great deal while in office. I am hopeful that Governors of neighboring states will pay heed to his style of governance. 

The current economic downturn has been long and severe. Any recovery is apt to be long and gradual. 

I am just grateful for good leaders like Gov. Dave Heineman who are trying their best to meet the challenges which lay ahead. 


James A. Marples

Longview, Texas