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Deaver launches new venture PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
Bernie Deaver of Grant is never one to sit idle.
The former owner of Deaver Computer Service in downtown Grant has moved on to a new venture, owning and operating Ag-Logix.
Ag-Logix has acquired an exclusive six county distributorship for Ag Concepts Corporation products.
A longtime farmer and business owner, Deaver said having two businesses competed for his time, and as the years stretched on, he became stretched too thin for time. He recently sold Deaver Computer Service, which allows him more time to dedicate to Ag-Logix.
“I have grandkids and an expanding family and a farm operation I’ve always had and wanted to dedicate some more time to that. I slowly, last winter, began to sell the computer business,” Deaver said, and this spring he sold the computer service business to Dave and Tony Kempf. “This business and my farming operation are very compatible.”
Deaver notes that he uses Ag Concepts products on his own fields.
Ag Concepts is a 30-year-old Idaho company specializing in biostimulants, humic acid, kelp or seaweed, foliar fertilizer, and soil penetrant for agriculture.
Deaver, as someone familiar with many people in the region, was contacted last fall by Ag Concepts about finding someone to be a dealer for the company. The more he thought about it, Deaver did know someone interested in the company...himself.
The company’s flagship product, Agzyme, provides enzymes, vitamins and cofactors necessary to stimulate the native soil microbiological activity and increase soil health. It has more university and independent research facility testing on it than any competing product on the market.
Business is still progressing with harvest just around the corner and Deaver explains that his prime business time with customers will be between harvest and planting.
“I have been busy getting myself situated and scouting fields and finding time for my own farming,” Deaver said. “The business of getting out of business (Deaver Computer Service) takes quite a bit of time.”
The world corn yield record of 454 bushels per acre was set in 2013 with the help of the same biological products contained in Ag Concepts products. It has been estimated that in one teaspoon of soil there are over 5 billion bacteria, 20 million fungi, and up to 1 million protozoa. Each works in the soil with plant life to promote essential life giving reactions. Thus, the industry is beginning to see the soil as a living organism, that when cared for, produces a healthier plant.
Deaver spent a week in Boise, Idaho, getting additional training on the products.
This new venture has been a learning experience for Deaver.
“I have been raising corn since the mid-1970s and I am learning things I’ve never known,” Deaver said.
The Ag-Logix office is located in the Ride Rite Garage building at the south end of Central Avenue in Grant. To make an appointment with Deaver, call (308) 352-8092.
“This business has been great because it keeps me working with people,” Deaver said.