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City hopes to expand jurisdiction PDF Print E-mail

by Tim Linscott
Looking ahead to possible future expansion, the Grant City Council is looking to expand its jurisdiction beyond the legal one-mile outside of city limits status.
At the July 8 council meeting, the council heard an idea from Grant City Administrator Dana Harris on requesting from the county the extension of the one-mile zoning jurisdiction.
A second class city can go up to one mile from the city limits with zoning jurisdiction.
The law also states that municipalities have the right to handle planning and zoning under their own jurisdiction without a county intervening.
Harris was prompted to move forward on the idea of expanding the zoning jurisdiction after a piece of property was recently sold and the new owner pointed out that part of the property lies within the city zoning jurisdiction while another is under county zoning rules.
“I’d like to square up the boundary in the relevant areas, so when property is purchased it is easier to see if it is in the county or city zoning jurisdiction,” Harris said, explaining there were currently several properties facing a similar situation of city and county zoning jurisdiction dicing up properties.
The areas in question are Highway 61 north toward the airport, Highway 23 going east and Fourth Street going east.
“We want to take in the most likely areas for development, that is why we didn’t go around the whole thing,” Harris said.
If the areas in question are ever annexed, it will be extending the jurisdiction anyway, according to Harris and the re-defined boundaries may make it easier for landowners to know their rights and responsibilities.
“The commercial corridor makes sense. In the future you can do all boundaries but right now this makes the most sense,” Harris said.
Perkins County Planning and Zoning commissioner, Bob Tatum, also a Grant City Council member, feels this is a good idea to clarify rules and regulations for landowners affected by the change.
“I’d like to see us square up this entire map, but it will be a little time consuming,” Tatum said. “These two areas are more critical at this point because they are more likely to be developed. They just seem more logical for development at this point.”
The council must make a formal request to the county for allowance to expand its jurisdiction and the council agreed to a resolution asking the commissioners for that permission.