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Many thanks to those who helped Grant PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott, Managing Editor

Having seen up close and personal the amount of volunteer time and hours that went into getting the Bullock sale up and running, everyone involved needs to be commended for their efforts.
I especially want to shed some light on Andi Lee, Perkins County Chamber of Commerce president. Andi took a lot of responsibility on herself and was not only helping coordinate things like parking, but was instrumental in being in the trenches, on the ground level, hitting the pavement and all of those other euphemisms for working hard.
Andi, along with Tiffany Long, Dana Harris, Don Softley, Nora and Dave Mendyk, Jim Brueggeman and myself, made up the core of the committee that tackled the issues of potentially thousands of people flocking to our city.
Nearly 700 man-hours of planning, coordinating and executing a plan to make sure people came and left here safely and remembered what we’ve known a very long time: Grant is a special place.
I want to thank everyone involved, including the Perkins County Commissioners, who also saw the need for planning and preparing for something as potentially as huge as this sale.
There was not a crowd of 25,000 like in Pierce, Nebraska, at the sale in 2013, however, there was an increase of the local population because of the sale. All parties involved did their best to make sure all contingencies were looked at and plans were made to accommodate for those scenarios.
There should be a fervent feeling of pride in the heart of everyone who was involved with this project as the town was prepared.
Thank you all and God Bless.

tim linscott has been in the newspaper business for 20 years