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Letters to the Editor
Promoter of Grant, Daryl Snyder, will be missed PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I need to send along this message in respect to the recent passing of a great man and friend, Daryl Snyder. We had intentions of attending his burial services, but nasty weather prevented us from making the drive on that date.
I coached and taught in Grant from 1973-1981 and became a great fan of Daryl and family, as they welcomed us to the great community and school system of Grant. We knew of the Snyders, as my wife Betty was from Curtis, where he and his dad ran an auto repair shop. I was from nearby Maywood, but spent a lot of time in Curtis.
When we moved to Grant, our sons, Roger and Kent, were in fifth and sixth grades and were blessed to be educated in Grant schools and be part of the wonderful athletic tradition; and Daryl was the guru of that historic quality. He was the historian on any and every athletic team since the 1940s and was proud to share that history with one and all.
Daryl and Pickle’s family were, I guess you could say, the epitome of a small town setting; very much involved in community activities and great supporters of the school system. Monday night bowling league was always something we looked forward to; the chance to socialize and get Husker updates from Daryl. He knew the Huskers!
Daryl was such a great person, whether it be community or school related; he was a salesman when it came to promoting the kids and the athletic programs. Every time we played a game at the state basketball tournament, Daryl always made it a point to make contact with the players and coaches, post-game, and tell them how well they had represented their school and community, win or lose.
One of the favorite recollections of Daryl occurred at the bowling alley in the mid-70s. I asked him how he put up with that noise day in and day out? Without hesitation, he reached in his shirt pocket and showed me his hearing aids; ‘nuf said!
Daryl Snyder will be missed by so many people; especially all those kids that he touched over the years and teachers and coaches that walked the hallways of Grant and Perkins County High School. I know the Lawson family will enjoy memories forever related to Daryl and his family. God bless you all!

Tom Lawson family, Omaha
Kent Lawson family, Norfolk, Neb.
Roger Lawson family, Missouri Valley, Iowa