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Sheriff’s office hires new staff PDF Print E-mail

New personnel have been hired at the Perkins County Sheriffs Office since the first of the year. In addition to the new and promoted deputies featured in last week’s issue, new dispatchers and a victim advocate have been hired.
Victim Assistant
Angel Anderson, formerly of Wray, Colo., was hired January 27 to establish a Victim Assistance Unit within the Perkins County Sheriffs Office. The Victim Assistance Unit will assist victims of crime, including victims of domestic violence.         
The program will offer an efficient system of assistance between the crime victim, the criminal justice system and various community based organizations.
Anderson will be able to provide crime victims with case status information, assist in court proceedings, direct services to victims, provide followup contact with victims, and assist victims in completing paperwork.
Anderson will also serve as Pre-Trial Diversion Program Administrator for the newly revamped Perkins County Pre-Trial Diversion Program.         A number of recent legislative changes affecting the juvenile justice system required a major overhaul of the program previously used in Perkins County.
The newly created program, a joint venture between the Perkins’ County Attorney Office and Perkins County Sheriffs Office, will establish an alternative for youth who are charged with an infraction or misdemeanor to the traditional criminal justice system.
The diversion program will keep first time non-violent offenders out of the court system and allow the court system to more efficiently process casesdemanding the attention of the courts.
Anderson, a graduate of Wray High School, studied Business Administration at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colo. and Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colo. prior to working for the Yuma County Sheriffs Office.
“Angel is more than well suited to run these new programs within our office,” said Sheriff Jim Brueggeman. “Angel comes to us from the Yuma County Sheriffs Office in Wray, Colo., with almost 10 years experience as a Victim Advocate Coordinator.”
Anderson is married to former Perkins County Sheriffs Office Deputy Bryce Anderson who is now employed by NKC Railway in Grant. The Andersons have six children, Austin Anderson, Jesirae Earl, Chase Anderson, Noah Anderson, Maggie Earl, and Autumn Anderson.
Anderson enjoys watching the children play sports and participate in their many activities.
Anderson enjoys reading and watching movies when not following the children in their activities.
Brandon Lehl, Dispatcher
Grant native Brandon Lehl was hired April 7 to fill a vacant dispatch position left open following the Dec. 31, 2013 resignation of Dispatcher Becky Uehling.
Uehling left dispatching to have the ability to spend more time at home with her three growing children.
Lehl, a graduate of Grant High School, prior to working for the Perkins County Sheriffs Office, spent the past eight-and-a-half years working at In & Out in Grant.

Lehl also put in a short stint working a second job at Subway in Grant. Through his years of retail work, Lehl has established connections with a number of Perkins County residents.
“I am glad to have Brandon on board as a communications dispatcher with the Perkins County Sheriffs Office,” said Sheriff Brueggeman. “Brandon’s lifelong knowledge of Perkins County landmarks and its people will be invaluable in his role as a public safety dispatcher, and his great sense of humor will keep things upbeat when Brandon is at the office.”
Lehl enjoys playing bass guitar and plays both recreationally and in the worship band at the Evangelical Free Church of Christ in Grant. In addition to playing in the worship band Lehl assists in teaching the junior high youth group.
Lehl enjoys spending his free time in helping the many friends he has acquired through the years.
Joseph Ray, Dispatcher
Joseph “Scotty” Ray of Oshkosh was hired April 28 to fill a vacant dispatch position following the Feb. 12 resignation of Dispatcher Brian Pankonin. Pankonin had served in the capacity of Communications Dispatcher since Nov. 29, 2011. He left dispatching to take a job in the private sector with MidAmerica Agri Products/Wheatland LLC in Madrid.
Ray attended high school in Louisville, Ky., then entered the United States Marin Corps in the early eighties serving as a radar operator in an anti-aircraft missle battalion.
After leaving the Marine Corps, Ray spent the next 27 years as a career civilian firefighter with the Department of Defense. Ray retired as Fire Department Captain on Nov. 30, 2012.
Prior to starting his duties at the Perkins County Sheriffs Office he was again serving as a firefighter for a government contractor on a military base in Alaska.
“We are fortunate to have Scotty as part of our dispatching team and will put his knowledge of the fire and emergency services field to good use,” said Sheriff Brueggeman. “It is not often we find someone with Scotty’s extensive fire and emergency services field experience that we can put in our communications center to handle 911 calls.”
Ray and his wife, Cathy, currently live in Oshkosh where they relocated in March 2013. The Rays are empty nesters with their children being fully grown and are working on refurbishing the home they purchased in Oshkosh.