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I hate this paper

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
In January we began the process of re-designing the paper.
This has had several components to it and it basically begins with de-constructing your publication.
You take everything down to the bare minimum and examine, scrutinize, study and tweak every single aspect of the paper, from the font used in stories, headlines, captions, standing column heads, everything, on down to where to place ads, stories, photos and the like on a page.
It has been a real education for us as a staff and myself, personally, asking ‘why do we do that?’ and looking for answers on whether there is a better, easier or more efficient way of doing things.
We never want to be satisfied with our publication. In high school I attended a journalism camp, which, yes, is as fun and, albeit, a bit nerdy, as it sounds, but all the campers took our passion for the newspaper industry to a new level.
David L. Knight, a southern journalist who made the trek to Nebraska to shape and mold young minds asked a young lady the first day a simple question.
“Give me the name of someone you love. Tell me all of the things you like about them,” Knight said.
The girl said she loved her boyfriend and regaled that she loved just about everything about him, citing things like his smile, charm, good looks, humor and loving nature.
“Tell me what you’d change about him,” Knight proposed.
The girl had nothing to say. She wouldn’t change a single thing about her wonderful boyfriend.
Knight wrote down a single mark for everything she said she loved about her boyfriend. There were probably five or so marks on a dry erase board. For the things she’d change about him, not a single mark.
“Think of someone you can’t stand or hate. Tell me what you’d change about them,” Knight finally proposed.
The girl’s eyes lit up and she began talking about a girl back home she couldn’t stand and there was plenty she’d change about her.
Knight stepped away from the board to reveal close to 20 marks on things she’d change about this other girl.
“Hate your publication,” he said. “If you love something it is perfect. It doesn’t change and sits stagnate.”
He continued, “If you hate something, you want to change it and make it perfect. Always hate your publication.”
I hate the Tribune-Sentinel. I will never, ever be happy with how it looks, despite this new re-design and look. I want to make it better, improved and enhanced. I want this publication to be flawless with zero errors in copy, ads and headlines and world-class photos.
I want the editorials to be entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking.
I want the stories to challenge, entertain and inform the readers and I want the layout to make their reading experience complete.
This will never happen and I will repeatedly fail at making it so, but every single day I will get up and try.
This drive and determination is the hallmark for this publication and has been what has moved it forward with countless awards and accolades.
I will continue to follow the path Jan Rahn and others have blazed for me with the thought in mind that I will not rest until absolute perfection is achieved.
I fully understand it will never happen, but keeping the proverbial carrot in front of me daily is what motivates me to continue to strive for excellence.
This community deserves to have this drive and we will work to not disappoint.
We have broken everything down, talked to experts and have adjusted our layout to make the paper experience second-to-none.
Not only will the paper have a new look but there are several ideas being implemented to draw readers into inter-activity with the paper and the community.
This is a work-in-progress and things may be altered slightly based on technical aspects or reader involvement.
We all hope that this new, exciting chapter in the life of the Tribune-Sentinel will be one that leads to bigger and better things for the paper, the community, the advertisers and the readers.