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The spoon trick

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

Did you have a good “cry” back there in late May, while you waited for me to return—I  sure had a good “cry.”  So here we go.    
Mommy and Daddy gave me this thing called a spoon so I can learn to eat real food.  That darn spoon does not always go where I want it to. I told God one day—“I don’t want to learn the spoon trick, my fingers work better than any old spoon!”    
His reply was, “Keep on trying little one, it will get easier for you.” Okay, okay, I sure hope that applies to this darn cup also! What I really like to do is take off my shoes and socks. Sure feels good, but Mom and Dad get tired of redressing my feet again.
Soon Mom and Dad started planning a party for me.
What is the deal I said to myself.  I thought God was my party planner. I confided in Him that I thought Mom and Dad were taking over His job.  
“Oh no, my child,” He said, “they are planning for your first full year of life. That is their job because they love you and are so proud of you.  It’s okay if they do this every year.  My job is to plan for your “whole” life.
Thank heavens. I thought there might be a power struggle and I was not wanting that to happen at all. I loved and wanted them all to be with me every day.
Mom and Dad’s party was fun. There were grandpas and grandmas, cousins, aunts and uncles, cake and ice cream.  I learned that candles were pretty, but were not to eat.  The cake was good and I did not bother with a spoon ‘cause fingers worked really well.  Boy, was that ice cream cold.  Mom did help me with that, with a spoon, ‘cause fingers were just not getting it done.
We had a concert too—everybody sang Happy Birthday to me. That party wore me plumb out—so I took a nap—after I “cried” awhile. Happy Birthday to you if you happen to be having one about now—if not you can just take  a nap too! See you again soon, God willing.