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Are we astonished?

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

The question is, “Are we still astonished by the Good News of Salvation? Do the accounts of Jesus’ actual eyewitness interactions with His disciples catch us off guard in surprise?” We ought to be astonished and amazed!
Just consider the swing in emotions Mary Magdalene goes through arriving at the tomb as the sun is rising Easter morning. Mary is caught off guard, the stone has been rolled away.
Looking into the tomb, seeing Jesus’ body is not be found, her instant response is robbers have come. Mary Magdalene is thrown into a dark and somber mood, being brought to tears. Turning around, she sees someone in work clothes and automatically questions, “If you know where the body of Jesus has been taken, please tell me.” Then Jesus affectionately calls her by name, “Mary.”
Mary Magdalene’s emotions swing completely in elation, falling at the feet of Jesus surprised beyond belief. Jesus instructs Mary, “Go tell the disciples I am risen and go ahead of you to Galilea.”
This witness of Jesus the risen Savior becomes the Good News of    Salvation. Christ has been raised triumphantly as He said.
Hearing the message from Mary Magdalene the disciples remain skeptical, incredulous. They are still trapped in the darkness. Then Easter evening as the door is barred, Jesus makes His appearance among the chosen apostles in the upper room.
They just can’t believe their eyes. This must be a ghost, or an apparition before their eyes. Jesus beckons them one-by-one to touch the nail marks of His sacrifice, so seeing they may believe. Coming forward, they place their hands into the nail marks crying out, “My Lord and my God!”
Then Jesus eats fish with them supplying evidence He is in the flesh, even though He is glorified, moving from place to place instantaneously.
We can remain in darkness, we can be skeptical if we choose to be. We may also choose to take in fully the power and the affect the Resurrection has upon us and all the world to receive today. It takes our choice to see Jesus, receive Jesus as the Risen Lord who has raised us all up in Him.
Please be affected. Be moved! Allow the Resurrection of Jesus Our Savior to change our heart and soul completely. Be moved by the impact Jesus brings to change us one and all from our personal darkness to become fully alive in Christ the Lord.
We are all truly raised up in Christ becoming His New Creation fully alive in Christ.