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Useful body parts from God

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

God told me we had a lot of stuff to learn. We would take them one by one, from the top of my head—my arms and hands next, then the middle of me and finally the bottom of me, my legs, feet and toes.
He reminded me He and I could “talk” to each other from the get-go and I would learn to talk to others too later on. For now though He said, when you need something—“cry.” That seemed simple enough ’cause remember I had already done that way back there in that “labor” ordeal.
Another day the assignment was,” In your little head you have two eyes that will become pretty and blue. Use them to look at things and people around you. These eyes will become stronger and soon you will see things and people really well and then you can watch people as they move around.” Hey there, Mommy, I’m seeing you, and you too, Daddy.
What is it you guys are doing with your heads? I’m gonna try that. WHOA-that did bring lots of response. Mommy and Daddy seemed so happy when they said, “Oh look, she’s smiling.” That worked so well, I will try that a lot, I thought to myself.
I also discovered if you make a noise with that “smile thing” they like it even better. They seem to love to have me “squeal” as they call it. When Mommy and Daddy are making noise to each other, “talking” God calls it, I can turn my head and find them. I have a ways to go to master the talking gig, but squealing and laughing is good for now. I tell God every day, this party sure is fun!
One day when He came to see me with His project book He said “You have done so well with your head—let’s work on your arms and hands next. You know those things under your head are arms–one on each side–and your hands are at the ends of your arms–one on each arm. Your hands each have five little fingers that you will find very useful.”
So I had my next assignment. I was to “reach,” hold out my arms and hands, and try to touch something, I touched Mommy’s face and Daddy’s nose.
I also found out I could put my hand in my mouth. It wasn’t nearly as productive as what went into my mouth when I “cried” because I was hungry. Are you hungry? You and I can go get something to eat and we’ll meet right back here soon—God willing.