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Quite the assignment

By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

Hi there. We’re back. God, his project book and me—Jo.
One day on His visit, God said to me—“I’ve got some exciting news for you. My beloved child, you have grown so big we must take our party to another home. It is just getting too cramped in here so I want you to follow Me. At the end of this passageway are new people for you to meet, a new home for you to grow into; but you will always have me and my project book close by. Come on now, let’s get this journey started. I must tell you this will be your most challenging assignment yet—being born!”
I was sure glad He had warned me because I was finding this to be no fun at all; but a whole lot of labor—that’s what I heard voices call it—labor. I wondered if it would ever end, but God kept telling me, “Good job child, keep on pushing and working your way along the narrow passageway. Your new home will have narrow passageways also, but I will always be with you as you work your way through them. None will be more challenging than this assignment.”
All of a sudden I was in a very bright place and was surrounded by noise and activity. One activity that happened real quick like was a voice telling me to “CRY.” “What in the world is that?” I thought. But, there was my guy, God. He helped me to “cry” which seemed to make that other voice sound very happy when he said, “Okay, little one. Now let’s get you all cleaned up.”
The next thing I heard were voices I had heard before. They talked to me when I was still in that other home. Now they were holding me, kissing me, and counting whatever it was they were counting. They called themselves Mommy and Daddy. They seemed nice enough, but I was so sleepy after that trip I had just taken I needed a rest.
Oh yeah, God was there too and told me He would let me rest awhile before any more assignments. I heard Mommy say she was going to rest too. Guess she had quite a trip too.
You rest now too, and we’ll get together again soon—God willing. Jo.