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By Jo McCormick
Madrid Resident

The pages within this story will equate a life, my life, with a party. This party goer will take part and try to participate in the plan of the ultimate party planner–God.
Since I am human, however, there will be actions taken by me outside God’s plan that may cause me to ‘cry.’ I’m assuming readers will know ‘crying’ and likely have shed tears of both joy and sorrow on their own party.
Tears of sorrow may be prompted by grief, pain or fear; tears of joy come when good happenings come our way.
The dictionary defines two ways to ‘cry’–up or down. Crying down means to belittle, disparage, to silence or put down with your cries. We do it, others do it, we even do it to each other, which is not a good thing.
Crying up is defined as to praise highly, which sounds much more positive to me, especially when we ‘cry up’ to our ultimate planner, God.
We all have times when we need to cry, call out or appeal loudly or shout, cry out to issue a rallying cry or a battle cry–cry out to appeal or to entreat. God will hear and respond to all our cries.
References will be made in this story to God’s Project Book.
When my youngest grandson was born I made a wall hanging for his room. It pictured a small boy looking at a book, opened in front of him. There is an inscription which reads, “Dear God, when you made the world and the sun and the sky and ‘ME’, did you have a project book?” God, with His project book in-hand will appear many times throughout this narrative. So—let’s party!!
The party will continue next month if it be God’s will. See you then–if that be the case.