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Parents, patrons come together to talk football PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
Around 50 parents, patrons and football fans met in the Perkins County High School gymnasium on Monday, Oct. 21 to discuss the options of going to eight-man football or staying at 11-man.
PCS head football coach and athletic director Carlie Wells was on hand to present a Power Point presentation and answer questions about the options the district has in regard to football classification.
Wells recently explained that student population numbers in grades 9-11 mean the district could drop down to a large D-1 school or remain at a C-2 level.
PCS currently has 81 students in grades 9-11 and any school below 83 students in those same grades can be eligible for eight-man football and the playoffs. Districts can be over 83 students and still participate in eight-man football, but will not be eligible for the playoffs.
A decision on going to eight-man or staying at 11-man football must be made by Nov. 30.
Wells was wanting to get a feel from the public on their opinion on the matter before the Oct. 28 school board meeting. Wells hopes to pass along all information to the board so they can make an informed decision on staying 11-man or dropping to the eight-man ranks.
If PCS drops to eight-man football (Class D1), then it would have to stay there for two years, regardless of student numbers. At that time the board can decide to go back to 11-man or stay at eight-man.
Numbers play a big factor in the decision, according to Wells.
“Participation is the key,” Wells said.
Wells will speak with the players to get an overall assessment as to what they want for the future of the program.
Being able to play junior varsity games and play more at game speed may be a factor in a decision by the school board. With low numbers of players out right now, the options for JV games are limited and the starting offense and defense are currently practicing against freshmen and sophomores.
Wells asked the crowd for a show of hands of who wanted to stay at 11-man and who wanted to go to eight-man. Initially, no one raised their hands for either option, however, upon asking again, around 15 people raised their hands for switching to eight-man. No hands were visibly raised for staying at 11-man football.


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