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Dear Editor:
It’s getting to that time of year–deer season and other game hunting. We need to be aware and watch for deer and turkeys. When someone flashes their lights, be aware there could be deer on the side of Highway 23 or even Highway 61. The deer come out from dusk to dawn to eat and they can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle.
Turkeys will fly at the headlights and windshield. The deer are along the cemetery outside of Grant, so are turkeys, and it’s not one or two animals, it’s several.
Between Brandon and Venango to Amherst, Colo., the deer are there so when someone flashes their lights be prepared to slow down. I know because I’ve had repairs done to my vehicles.
I was hit twice in four years and it’s costly.
Someone who knows
G.G. Einspahr