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Family praises “village” PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
We write this on behalf of our family with grateful and humble hearts. Cori is the third generation to live in this county. Terry has lived here most of his life and we have chosen to raise our family here.
As with anyone, there are times in life when you need the support of the community. For those of you that have strong roots in this area, you will know that our family has been blessed by the support of this community many times. This week you have shined for us one more time.
If the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is even remotely true, then Kelan has been blessed with an amazing “village.” It has take this “village” of family, friends, school staff, teachers, administration and student body, church families and community members to bring him where he is today.  Each and every person that has touched the life of Kelan has touched ours as well.
Last Friday, as we watched in complete surprise when Kelan was crowned Homecoming King, our hearts were filled with joy and emotion. We applaud the student body of PCS. You were our heroes for the evening as you gave Kelan and our family a memory to carry with us forever. Each one of the candidates that stood up there that evening are kings and queens in our eyes.
Kelan has been supported by so many of the students through the years. The seniors  that have been with Kelan since kindergarten have a very special place in our hearts. They have been with him since they entered school in Elsie, then moved to Madrid and on to a much bigger class in Grant. Each have supported him and directed him in so many ways. His support group only continued to grow as Wheatland Schools merged with PCS and many new classmates stepped up to continue to guide him. But as we saw the student body pull together and vote him king, we truly knew that his support group had reached a new high.
Kelan is truly honored to know that he is loved by so many. God gave us Kelan. God gave us each one of you. We give Him our thanks and praise that He has used our “village” to bless us so richly.                                          

With thankful and joy filled hearts,
Terry, Cori and Kelan Sis
Jyll and Travis Hansen and family
Cameron and Katie Sis