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State senator from Wahoo visits fourth graders PDF Print E-mail


By Hayden Foster
Fourth Grader, PC Schools
On Monday, Sept. 16, Senator Jerry Johnson from Wahoo (Legislative District 23) visited the fourth grade class at Perkins County Elementary School. Senator Johnson met with fourth graders this year because this year is when they learn about Nebraska history.
Senator Johnson spoke about the Nebraska Unicameral and how it is different from government in other states. He also spoke about committees he serves on and that our state senator is Mark Christensen.
He talked about term limits, what it means to be in “recess”—it’s not like recess at school—and also the qualifications someone needs to meet to run for office.
Senator Johnson was in the county visiting his family. His granddaughter, Lila Konecky, was in the musical on Sunday evening and he is also fourth grader Hayden Foster’s grandfather. He is also Nolan Foster’s grandfather.
Senator Johnson handed out bright pink “Sen. Jerry Johnson—Legislative District 23” pencils to all the students and also to Mr. Snyder and Mrs. Wykert. He did other work while he was in this area, visiting the power plant at Sutherland after he left the elementary school. Senator Johnson was very impressed with the school and the students and said that they asked very good questions.