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Stop the bus for Kiffen

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

I saw this headline somewhere on the internet Sunday morning after getting home from church: “Nebraska defense holds opponent to 0 yards.”
First, I thought I had missed the game! I even checked the schedule and then I saw the opponent. “BYE” I thought that meant they had an open week but then with all the internet schools it could have been some Brigham Young Electronic campus.
The statement was on the internet and you know that everything that is on the internet is true! I have even seen that French model but after reviewing the evidence, I am going with my first impression that the Huskers had an open week.
I like Brad Dickson’s stuff in the Omaha paper. I need to give him credit for this jewel. “Johnny Rodgers is seeking a pardon for his 1971 robbery conviction. If it works for him, then John Papuchis plans to seek a pardon for the third quarter of the UCLA game and Bill Callahan will seek a pardon for the 2004 and 2007 season.”
The weekend did see the first big-time football school pull the trigger on their head coach. USC fired Lane Kiffen five games into the season.
One report stated that the Trojans had just landed, got on the team bus for the ride back to USC. The bus was stopped and AD Pat Haden asked to see Coach Kiffen. Haden then fired Kiffen and the bus left without him. If that is true, that is pretty cold, but that is how it seems to work these days.
Kiffen has been a head coach for the Oakland Raiders and didn’t last the season; head coach at Tennessee and lasted one season before getting his dream job at USC.
Here is a deal where Kiffen was hired by one AD and now there is a new one and it didn’t take long to make a change.
Kiffen is the son of Nebraska standout Monte Kiffen, and his dad had been the defensive coach at USC. He resigned after last season and is back in the pros where he is  considered one of the best as a defensive coach.
Lane has had some tough times in coaching but a lot of them were self-inflicted.
One of the situations I remember is that against a team (I think it was Colorado), he had his quarterback switch jerseys at halftime, then USC was fined when it was discovered that a student manager had deflated footballs against Oregon.
Who will be next?
See you at the games!