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From one generation to the next—pass it on

By Pastor Ronald E. Krause
Zion Lutheran Church, Grant

This is that time of year when many congregations are beginning a new season of Christian education, with Sunday School, Bible studies and perhaps mid-week programs getting underway. As Christians we understand the importance of such educational programs. We know that God’s Word exhorts us to pass on the truths of His holy Word to the next generation, and the way that our world and society is going these days, we certainly see the need for a good Christian foundation to help our young people survive the increasing assaults of Satan upon them and upon our faith.
​    But what we perhaps fail to take as seriously is the need for all of God’s people to be constantly learning from His Word—including us non-youngsters.
How many people send the kids off to Sunday School and don’t even give a thought to the adult Bible class that’s taking place at the same time? How many times do we not express how important it is for our youth to be well grounded in the faith, so that they can stand strong in the faith, and yet fail to realize that Satan is every bit as intent on leading us astray?
​    God’s people cannot be satisfied with the level of Christian education that we received back in Sunday School or Confirmation classes, because we are called by God to be constantly growing in our faith and in our knowledge of him. Besides, how can we pass on to the next generation the great treasures of God’s Word, if we ourselves have only a child’s-level understanding of that Word?
​    Perhaps this is a good time for all of us to show a little more dedication and devotion in learning from our Lord by taking part in the Bible classes that are offered to us. After all, our children learn more from our example than from our words. But we shouldn’t look at a study of God’s Word as a chore that we know we really ought to subject ourselves to.
It is our Lord’s desire to impress upon us just how much He loves us, how much He has done for us, and how He desires to guide our lives so that we might continue to have the assurance of His unfailing love and grace in our lives.
​    God’s holy Word is the very source of our comfort and peace, and the means by which He promises to strengthen our faith, so that we can live as His faithful people, and that we might have something of substance and of lasting value to pass on to others.