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NU improves, which will be needed against UCLA

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

A long weekend spent in Lincoln. Not long and boring, but just an extra day more than usual. A wedding, some time with the boys, our daughter-in-law, and with the grandkids and then a doctor’s appointment on Monday.
It was 12 years ago on Saturday that I went through the placement of stents and my doctor telling me that I was going to have a heart attack. He was correct, I did immediately after his announcement. That was a surprise.
This time I spent waiting on Monday to come to have an existing root canal worked on. I think I was more apprehensive about the root canal than the heart situation. It did not help that my son Travis had gone through this with the same doctor and said it wasn’t too bad. He thought this one would be even better because he wouldn’t be the patient.
The Husker game was on during the wedding but I pretty much kept away from any media and did not hear a score. Troy had it on a DVR, so later Saturday night I watched the game.
Southern Mississippi is not a very good football team. They were not very deep and wore down by the fourth period, but the damage had been done way before then. It just got easier.
The defense certainly looked better than they did against Wyoming, and it appeared that their ability to apply a pass rush had an effect on Southern Miss offense.
Randy Gregory at 6 foot 6 and 255 pounds had numerous hits on the opponent’s quarterback and, even though he didn’t get a sack, he got his licks in and I would bet that Allan Bridgford was still checking over his shoulder on Sunday to see if Gregory was around.
The Husker coaches did have an opportunity to play a number of backup players in this game. That has to be good for the players as well as coaches.
The Huskers have a lot of young players and early playing time could pay off later in the season. The opponents will get tougher very soon, say next week.
UCLA comes to town and the first test of the season comes with them. The Huskers have a number of places that need improvement. They still have trouble at times tackling. They still let receivers get wide open. All of that is correctable.
It looked like the Huskers had made improvements from week one, but it is difficult to really say that is true because I think Wyoming was a lot better team than Southern Miss. UCLA should be a much better standard to measure just where the Huskers stand after three games.
The September weather has not been football weather. I don’t like cold weather, but triple digit temps are not a lot of fun for players or fans. I know that as it gets deeper into the season and it does cool down, I will probably be the first person to complain about the cold.
See you at the games. Hot or cold.