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School posts this year’s supply list PDF Print E-mail

With the start of the 2013-2014 school year only weeks away (Wednesday, Aug. 14), Perkins County parents and students wanting to prepare early and gather supplies can refer to the following lists:
One box eight crayons, one box 24 crayons, 10 #2 pencils, one box of Crayola washable markers (classic colors), one book bag, one rest mat or bath towel, one box gallon ziplock bags, two pocket folders.
First Grade
Ten #2 pencils, one box crayons, one pencil box (no Trapper Keepers), scissors, three pocket folders, two erasers, one ruler. (Please put names on all supplies).
Second Grade
One ruler, one pair scissors, markers (optional), eight-10 pencils #2 lead, two erasers, one soft pencil case, box crayons (24 or 48), two notebooks (spiral), two pocket folders.
Third Grade
Pencils-#2, crayons and colored pencils, two spiral notebooks-wide rule, one soft eraser, small scissors, pencil bag (not a box), two 2-pocket folders.
Fourth Grade
20 pencils (#2 lead), one pair scissors, four pocket folders, four spiral notebooks (wide ruled), crayons or colored pencils-any size, two red pens, two soft erasers (pink or green type), one pack highlighters (pink, green, blue, yellow), one pencil box. Optional: ruler unbreakable, not bendable with inches and centimeters.
Fifth Grade
Red ink pens; yellow, pink, blue and orange highlighters; scissors (sharp-pointed), three mechanical pencils, .5mm ruler (English and metric), colored pencils, ruled paper with three holes punched, erasers, small case or pencil box, three ring binder (2-inch with dividers).
Fifth Grade
(JoAnn Schultz)

Pencils, paper,  highlighters.
Sixth Grade
Writing paper, pencils and eraser, colored pencils and/or markers and/or crayons.
Seventh & Eighth Grade
Language Arts

Blue and black ballpoint pens, pencils, two 2-pocket folders, loose leaf paper (college), three-ring notebook.
Seventh & Eighth Grade
(Penny Hite)

One 2” three-ring binder, filler paper, black or blue ball point pens, pencils.
Seventh & Eighth Grade Math
Scientific calculator (square root, exponent, and pi keys), protractor (with ruler), pencils, loose-leaf paper, three ring binder, pen.
Seventh & Eighth Grade

Three-ring notebook, filler paper, pencils.
Sixth-Eighth Grade

Shorts, T-shirt, socks, tennis shoes, towel, shampoo, soap, deodorant.