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Healing relationships

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

I am continually captivated by the miraculous healings of Jesus relived for us to see in the life of The Gospels. The people brought their infirm and impaired, hobbling along, to the front of His house. Jesus took ‘pity upon them.’ His heart went out to them and they were cured, one by one. The woman who suffered at heart for 18 years, due to a bleeding disorder said, “If I only touch his garment, I shall be made-well. She reaches through the crowd, touching His clothing, immediately healing courses up and down her body, bringing healing throughout her. She rejoices in the Lord, as she is made ‘whole’ ‘made complete through Christ.’
Equally, Jesus brings healing of soul, lifting the weight of sin, saying, “Your sins are forgiven.” The Teachers of the Law are shocked beyond measure. “Only God can forgive sins!” This provides credence to the fact, Jesus is invested with full authority in Heaven and on earth, equal to His Father.
Actually, the healing of the Lord can take place with regularity using the likes of ourselves. How often in the context of a marriage, do we have a slip of a tongue, or an outburst. Shortly following we come to realize, we overstep the boundaries, going too far.
The necessary healing couples may bring to one another for the good of our relationship is essential. Making the admission, saying “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have said that, or shouldn’t have acted that way.” Saying, “I am sorry.” Then the other spouse reciprocating acting out of a generous heart, accepting them back with, “I do forgive you,” brings enormous healing. Healing “us.” Healing “our relationship.”
This healing is a simple act, an action of the hand of the Lord working inside us. The Lord is working in and through the life of our marriage, bringing healing, a restoration of hearts over to one another.
It is essential we learn to seek forgiveness right away, lose no time. The longer we take, the more the conflict builds, sometimes getting out of control, causing a great divide between us.
Seeking forgiveness is truly a healing act, an act of the Lord, and act of mercy from the heart, healing the pain, rejoining our hearts, healing the relationship. All this becomes essential so the Lord may rest upon us again as one in the Lord.