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He keeps it all together

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Every couple has photos and videos of the big event, “Our wedding day.” It is a good thing we have the sacred moment captured on film. Many couples say their wedding day was such an emotional blur of excitement they need these visual reminders. All the same, our lives are forever changed, wed to one another.
I know a number of couples replay the video of their wedding to bring home to one another the promise they made before one another and in Christ.
Yes, Christ is the One who joins a couple together as one, as a couple devoting the entirety of their lives over to one another.
All, as a matter of fact, Christ and the love of Jesus becomes present in the heart of our marriage. Actually, a loving couple is carrying out the command Jesus calls us to fulfill.
“Love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus loved us so much He laid down His life for us, for the remission of our sins, a total dedication to humanity. There is no greater love than this, Jesus’ saving passion, a complete love.
Actually, all the time and service couples give over to one another is patterned after the love of Jesus Christ.
I know couples enjoy keeping the spice in their lives, playing little surprises upon on another. All this is good and wonderful. It keeps the delight present inside us.
All the same, we love one another even through the routine moments remaining confident and steadfast for one another.
How many times are there disappointments and our spouse is with us through it all providing us the necessary encouragement to carry us through our darker hour.
Equally our Lord and Savior is with us through all the moments, the pleasurable and eventful moments, along with the tedious moments. The Lord graces us, empowering us to pass through the more difficult points in our lives together. The Lord provides us the encouragement necessary so we do not lose hope, but have the courage necessary to meet the situations at hand.
Yes, it is important for couples to rededicate their love and their lives over to one another at regular intervals. Be mindful, the One who joined us together, making us “one”, one in our love, is the One keeping us together.
Actually, there is a communion of hearts. Couples have a oneness of heart exchanged with true devotion and affection for one another. All at the same time our Savior is pouring out His love, His heart toward us as couples.
Our Savior is enriching our love for one another all as Jesus generously loves us. We are one in Him in His love, as He is one in us. He is the One keeping us together as a loving couple all of our days.