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School districts could allow land transfer PDF Print E-mail

By Shelby Friesz
Nebraska News Service
Nebraska landowners who  have transferred their land into a different school district may be able to get it back with only the consent of the district from which it was removed if the Legislature passes a bill heard by the Education Committee.
Sen. Tom Carlson of Holdrege presented the bill (LB301)  during a committee hearing that would change the restrictions on land transfer among school districts. One person testified in support, two testified against and two testified neutral to the bill.
Carlson said he decided to bring the bill to the committee because people often transfer their land to a different school district in an emotionally driven moment and later wish they had not done so. He added that bonds could be driving the transfer of land.
He also said the situation mirrors how students option into a different district. Even if they leave their home district, these students can choose to return to it.
Members of the committee and opponents questioned how often such transfers back and forth among districts could occur, wanting to avoid a yo-yo effect.
“How long do you allow this?” Jon Habben, executive director of the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association, asked.
Carlson said that there are some questions that may still need to be answered with the bill.