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New PC record set in long jump PDF Print E-mail

The Plainsmen track team took part in their second competition of the season Thursday, March 28 at Ogallala.
Setting a new school record was Elliot Carlson, first in the long jump with a 20’ 10” leap.
Taking home a first place in the 400 meter dash was junior Matthew Sestak, who finished the race in 52:60.
Other outstanding showings were Elliot Carlson, second in the 200 meter dash; Perkins County relay team, second in the 4x100 relay; Vinny Ross who captured third in the discus; Courtney McClenahan who was third in triple jump; the girls relay team, who finished second in the 4x800 relay; and Kendra Hoffert, who took third in the pole vault.
Girls Results
100 meter dash–1st Sara Weber, Cozad, 13.10
200 meter dash–7th Kylie Hanson, 29.40; 1st Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 25.40
400 meter dash–12th Kendra Hoffert, 1:07.80; 16th Lila Konecky, 1:13.60; 1st Morgan Linneman, Sidney, 59.90
800 meter run–4th Stephanie Schrotberger, 2:38.00; 5th Courtney Lyon, 2:41.30; 1st Taylor Peters, Mitchell, 2:23.40
1600 meter run–1st Briley Hannaford, Chadron, 5:37.70
3200 meter run–7th Mariah Curtis, 14:18.50; 1st Alli Ehler, Sidney, 12:34.60
100 meter hurdles–1st Karissa Segelke, Sidney, 16.10
300 meter hurdles–1st Karissa Segelke, Sidney, 48.60
4x100 meter relay–8th Perkins County, 55.70 (Kylie Hanson, Courtney McClenahan, Amanda Osler, Kendra Hoffert); 1st Sidney, 51.50
4x400 meter relay–1st Gothenburg, 4:10.10
4x800 meter relay– 2nd Perkins County, 10:57.10 (Mariah Curtis, Stephanie Schrotberger, Emily Kemling, Courtney Lyon); 1st Cozad, 10:44.20
High jump–1st Tyler Chrisman, Sterling, 5-00.00
Pole vault–3rd Kendra Hoffert, 8-00-00; 1st Siera Schwanz, Gothenburg, 8-06.00
Long jump–14th Mariah Curtis, 13-03.50; 1st Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 17-03.75
Triple jump–3rd Courtney McClenahan, 31-11.75; 9th Lila Konecky, 29-06.00; 1st Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 36-09.25
Shot put–12th Shania Metcalf, 34-00.50; 19th Rebecca Johnson, 29-09.00; 27th Kayla Woodmancy, 26-08.00; 1st Haley Montgomery, Cozad, 41-02.75
Discus throw–8th Shania Metcalf, 109-10; 20th Rebecca Johnson, 86-11; 27th Hannah Beck, 75-04; 1st Kali Robb, Sidney, 135-08
Boys Results
100 meter dash–4th Elliot Carlson, 11.50; Quinton Hite, 11.50; 1st Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 10.70
200 meter dash–2nd Elliot Carlson, 23.00; 1st Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 21.70
400 meter dash–1st Matthew Sestak, 52.60; 10th Tristen Kennicutt, 56.20; 22nd Mitchell Sestak, 1:01.50.
800 meter run–14th Chris Throckmorton, 2:30.90; 1st Dillon McKeag, Ogallala, 2:03.10
1600 meter run–1st Dillon McKeag, Ogallala, 4:45.60
3200 meter run–1st Dillon McKeag, Ogallala, 10:13.30    
110 meter hurdles–1st Colin Wetovick, Cozad, 15.30
300 meter hurdles–8th Hunter Coats, 44.10; 1st Preston Franzen, Gothenburg, 40.40
4x100 meter relay–2nd Perkins County, 45.60 (Elliot Carlson, Quinton Hite, Matthew Sestak, Tristen Kennicutt; 1st Ogallala, 44.60
4x400 meter relay–1st Chase County, 3:38.90
4x800 meter relay–7th Perkins County, 10:38.30  (Robert Engel, Sam Rowley, Chris Throckmorton, Garrett Toner); 1st Mitchell, 8:40.50
High jump–1st Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 6-04.00    
Pole vault–1st Blake Ristine, Gothenburg, 13-00.00    
Long jump–1st Elliot Carlson, 20-10.00 (school record); 27th Chris Throckmorton, 14.06.75            Triple jump–21st Christian White, 30-06.00; 1st Brayden Nelson, Sterling, 43-05.00
Shot put–6th Vinny Ross, 45-10.75; 1st Tanner Borchardt, Gothenburg, 51-11.00
Discus throw–3rd Vinny Ross, 142.05; 22nd Tyrone Summers, 99-05; 1st Tanner Borchardt, Gothenburg, 158-07