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By Elizabeth Strand
Sports Writer
The Wallace Wildcats at tended the Sutherland Booster Club Invitational on Thursday, March 28.  There were 11 other teams at the meet:  Paxton, North Platte St. Patrick’s, Stapleton-McPherson County, Sutherland, Hitchcock County, Wauneta-Palisade, Hershey, Hayes Center, South Platte, Hyannis, and Creek Valley.  
Sutherland has replaced their track and made several improvements to the facility since last season, including improvements in the discus ring, moving and redoing the runways for the long jump, and moving the pole vault.  This is the first meet of four that the Wildcats will be running on the new track this season.  
Many of the Wildcats improved on their marks from last week (or last season) again, and some of them had the opportunity to compete in their first meet of the season.  
The highlight of the day was junior Landon Swedberg’s performance in the discus.   In his discus debut, he threw 130’2” and won second place.
The South Loup Invite, held in Arnold, will be the next meet for the Wildcats.  One-third of the team will be competing, due to State FFA.  Field events begin at 9 a.m., with running to follow at noon.
Girls Results
First place North Platte St. Pat’s 134.5 points
Second place Sutherland 102.5 points
Wallace placed 11th 9 points

100 Meter dash–1st J. Smith, NPSP, 13.20
200 Meter dash–1st B. Frederick, HER, 27.40
400 Meter dash–1st A. O’Malley, NPSP, 1:03.50
800 Meter run–1st A. O’Malley, NPSP, 2:30.10
1600 Meter run–1st S. Mueller, CV, 5:47.50
3200 Meter run–1st M. O’Malley, NPSP, 12:49.40
100 Meter hurdles–1st J. Hopping, SUT, 17.20
300 Meter hurdles–1st K. Stokey, SUT, 50.30
Discus–1st M. Mustion, HER, 103’ 4 ½”
Triple jump–1st A. Burr, CV, 30’8 ½”
High jump–1st A. Love, HIT, 4’10”
Pole vault–1st B. Frederick, HER, 10’0”
400 Meter relay–6th Wallace (Sara Hubbard, Abbey Rohde, Paige Aylward, Hayley Storm), 58.80; 1st Sutherland, 53.40
1600 Meter relay–1st Sutherland, 4:27.40
3200 Meter relay–5th Wallace (Alexandria Lundvall, Mickayla Sheets, Jaclyn Nelson, Paige Aylward), 12:16.40; 1st North Platte St. Pat’s, 10:48.30
Long jump–3rd Sara Hubbard, Wallace, 14’3 ½”; 1st K. Stokey, SUT, 15’7”
Shot put–1st T. McCauley, HIT, 32’7 ½”
Boys Results
First Paxton 159 points
Second North Platte St. Pat’s 105 points
Seventh Wallace 22 points

100 Meter dash–1st K. Carlyle, PAX, 11.60
200 Meter dash–1st A. Starr, SMC, 23.40
400 Meter dash–4th Landon Swedberg, Wallace, 56.60; 1st T. Schimonitz, PAX, 53.90
800 Meter run–1st A. Blume, HIT, 2:03.50
1600 Meter run–1st G. Perlinger, PAX, 4:58.30
3200 Meter run–1st G. Perlinger, PAX, 10:43.40
110 Meter hurdles–1st S. Gohl, HAY, 16.30
300 Meter hurdles–1st A. Harms, NPSP, 44.50
400 Meter relay–1st Paxton, 46.30
1600 Meter relay–6th Wallace (Andrew Gardner, John Marquardt, Josh May, Tanner Clough), 4:04.40; 1st Hitchcock County, 3:45.10
3200 Meter relay–4th Wallace (Landon Swedberg, Andrew Gardner, Juan Gomez, Tanner Clough), 9:38.40; 1st Paxton, 8:54.70
Long jump–6th John Marquardt, Wallace, 17’4 ¼”; 1st A. Starr, SMC, 21’0”
Shot put–1st J. Weir, Hershey, 45’1 ¾”
Discus–2nd Landon Swedberg, Wallace, 130’2”; 4th Josh May, Wallace, 126’8”; 1st A. Harms, NPSP, 144’7”
Triple jump–1st A. Starr, SMC, 41’ 2 ½”
High jump–1st A. Starr, SMC, 6’2”
Pole vault–1st T. Chandler, SUT, 13’0”
Personal Bests
400 Meter dash–Paige Aylward 1:11.70
800 Meter run–Andrew Gardner 2:26, Landon Swedberg 2:32
3200 Meter run–Alexandria Lundvall 14:41
400 Meter relay–(Paige Aylward, Abbey Rohde, Hayley Storm, Sara Hubbard) 58.0
1600 Meter relay–(Andrew Gardner, John Marquardt, Josh May, Tanner Clough) 4:04.40, (Sara Hubbard, Abbey Rohde, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward) 4:59.10
3200 Meter relay–(Landon Swedberg, Andrew Gardner, Juan Gomez, Tanner Clough) 9:38.40, (Alexandria Lundvall, Mickayla Sheets, Jaclyn Nelson, Paige Aylward) 12:16.40
Shot Put–Abbey Rohde 26’0”, Shane Anders 39’4 ¾”, Jackson Porter 37’10”, Josh May 36’10”
Discus–Abbey Rohde 88’3”, Landon Swedberg 130’2”, Josh May 126’8”
Long Jump–John Marquardt 17’4 ¼”