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The Wallace Volunteer Fire Department invited the public to join them for an information presentation on wildfires in Nebraska.  The speaker was Ralph Moul, the Fire Chief at the Keystone-Lemoyne Fire department. He has been part of the department for 35 years.  This is his 27th year as state fire instructor.
Chief Moul stated that the Rocky Mountain Coordination Center believes this year will be as bad, if not worse for wildfires than 2012.
Chief Moul gave safety and direct fire fighting techniques to the firefighters in attendance.
To the general public he gave tips and advice for keeping their houses and farmsteads as wildfire safe as possible.
• Keep debris and piles of outdoor household items away from the sides of buildings.  Embers can land in the items along the buildings and either immediately or later, after smoldering, start the building on fire.
• Keep rain gutters clean.  Embers landing in rain gutter debris can also result in the building catching fire.
• Keep the yard mowed around all the buildings.  This keeps fire fuel, the taller grasses, away from the buildings.
• Trees should be a minimum of 100 feet from the house.  If there are trees closer to the house, trim the branches from the ground up to about 4 feet above the ground to reduce the chances of the tree catching fire. Keep debris, such as dropped needles or leaves, out from under the trees.
• Shrubs and bushes planted along the edges of buildings are a big hazard in a wildfire.
If your home is in the path of a wildfire and there is time to do things without endangering yourself and/or your family, these steps will help the fire fighters keep your home intact.
• Remove all hoses and lawn furniture from the yard. Put them inside where embers can’t readily fall on them.
• Remove the propane tank from the grill and put it in a well ventilated enclosed outbuilding.
• Close all windows and doors in all buildings.  This will keep embers from blowing into the building.
• If there’s any time left start the sprinklers for the yard around the house to make things harder to burn.