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The very best gift

By Jo McCormick
Park Ridge Resident

Of all the gifts you give this year, there is one that will be appreciated more than any other.
The problem is that this gift is costly, maybe because it is one of a kind. Most people would say they simply can’t afford it. Others say they would rather give something else–something less personal.
If you can find the means though, this gift always steals the show. Everyone likes it. Everyone!
It has been known to provide great joy for some, comfort and relief for others. It doesn’t come from some machine, that’s for sure. It’s adept at identifying and meeting needs.
What is this gift, you ask? It’s the gift of yourself. Your time, your attention, your effort, your thoughtfulness, your affection.
Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as God’s gift to others. But, if you haven’t, you need to start dear friend.
God created the world and all the creatures in it. Then He reached up and placed it in the universe–which He also created. God has always been a giver. But it wasn’t until He gave mankind the gift of Himself that we began to understand the exquisite nature of our Creator God.
Reach out this Christmas and all year long, and follow in the footsteps of your Savior. Give some of your hugs to someone who lives alone. Give your smiles to someone who is having a bad day. Give some of your time to visit the elderly.
Jesus Christ gave all of Himself to you. Can you give of yourself to others?
Reprinted from Living Christmas Every Day. A keepsake devotional featuring the inspirational poetry of Helen Steiner Rice, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.