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Reply to “Vandalism changes feelings of resident:”
I read with much interest this story by Diana Daley of Grant. While I am not a resident of Grant, but rather live in a very large urban area near Cincinnati, Ohio. Diana and her husband Rick are friends. Diana lives proud, very proud in Grant. She has many times made sure to mention her town of Grant proudly in our conversations and contacts and in speaking with her today I felt her hurt of this event even happening in the town of Grant.
I live in Colerain Township, Ohio and while our police force tries hard, this type of vandalism is of frequent occurrence–but in–what Diana has always proudly called her great town of Grant? No, not there?? Whoever did this evil mean deed, do you not have a guilt complex? Why on earth would you do such a thing? Did it make you happy to hurt someone in this way at this time of year by your act of vandalism?
Diana’s always good thoughts about Grant always made me wish I could live in such a town. Where I live at least I expect things like this to happen, not that it makes it less mean spirited. Sorry, Diana and Rick, don’t give up on your town. You know Grant has mostly fine class citizens do I know? By your words over the years of being so proud of where you live Grant, Neb.
Daniel D. Freeman
Cincinnati, Ohio