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Dreaming of a green Christmas

By Samantha Goff
Tribune Sentinel Staff

Did you know that between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day, the United States has a 25 percent waste increase and we create about 2.5 million tons more trash than usual?
Christmas advertising, gift wrap, cards, gas used in transporting more goods, and more traveling families, Christmas trees, and packaging of purchased goods are just some of what I can think of that contributes to all of this waste.
I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but it seems to really have some negative effects on our environment.
The holiday season increases waste by 25 percent, and with the estimations at 700,000 tons of trash on an average day in America, it’s incredible to me that there is even anywhere to put all of this waste.
Perhaps this year, we can help make a tiny dent in the statistics by recycling our gift wrap and packaging from Christmas, and living more aware of our negative economical impact throughout the season.
Even if you do not recycle regularly, consider recycling Christmas waste. What could it hurt?
It is estimated that 4,000,000 tons of wrapping paper waste alone will be thrown in the dumps this year. That’s 8 billion pounds, folks! It hasn’t been calculated, but my guess is that much of that could have been re-used, or recycled at the very least.
Other ways to help decrease the waste statistics this Christmas are: purchase gifts with little to no packaging, recycle the packaging before you give the gift, wrap only with recycled and recyclable materials, buy in bulk, or use your reusable containers to package gifts.
Every little bit can help when it comes to going green. Reduce, reuse, renew this holiday season, and while we are all “dreaming of a white Christmas,” try participating in a “green” Christmas this year too.