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Many things remain constant

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

I miss coaching. With that said, if the opportunity came to coach again in a head coaching position, and in a good coaching situation would I consider it? No. I just miss it.
I spent one practice session this past week with the junior high coaches and their players and I really enjoyed it. I think coaching was what I did best, but I am sure that there are a lot of people who would like to debate that statement, but I can agree to disagree with them I guess.
As I have stated before, my siblings and I were at one time all coaches and athletic directors in various states. My son Troy is a head coach and Travis our other son helped him for a number of years. Troy is the only one coaching at the present time.
My brothers are school administrators in Texas and my sister was a college professor/administrator until we lost her to brain cancer last August. I am sure that my brothers are similar in their thinking as I am. We miss it, but we have a tendency to only remember the “good” things that went on during our careers.
I know I have mentioned before that even though all of us coached in different areas of the country, when we got together in the summer, if someone would wonder in and listen to us, they would think that we all worked at the same school.
We all were in different sized districts, from schools with 2,000 students to Grant and Malcolm with 150 or fewer. The situation didn’t change just because of location or size of the school district. There are many things that are constant no matter where you are located.
Students are students, coaches are coaches, parents are parents, administrators are administrators, boards of educations are boards and expectations most of the time are higher than the talent level you have.
I always thought our community had high expectations and that did not bother me much. Sometime early in my coaching career at a clinic somebody said, “If you don’t expect much, you usually don’t get much.” I believe that. I expected to win every time we stepped on the court.
There were, however, times when I knew that in order to do that a lot of things that needed to happen might not happen on that given night, but still I expected our players to play hard, play smart and play together and as coaches we would try to have a plan that gave our team an opportunity to be successful.
There are times when being successful comes down to the players executing at a high level for the entire length of a high school game in order to be successful on a winning-losing situation.
In order for that to happen, the players must be at practice, must be competent in fundamentals, must understand the parts of the game like offense and defense etc., and then be able to transfer that to the court or field and do it better than the team they are playing.
There are times, believe it or not, that you can play very well, but the other team does it better. There times when talent level will keep you from being successful winning-wise no matter how good the coaching might be. There are times when the coaching might keep a talented team from winning as much as they should but I would say that talent and attitude of the players are the main ingredients of success.
I always found that when I had lots of good players, with great attitudes, I was always a better coach.
Everyone wants to be successful. I don’t think there is a coach or player around that wants to lose. What separates players and coaches is the will to prepare. That will to prepare isn’t just during the season but also in the off season. That will always be the difference maker.
Again that is just my opinion. I could be wrong but…..
See you at the games!