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Season is well underway

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

A weekend of disappoint, close calls, and some victories. I have to start with the Huskers football game. I don’t like to be a fair weather fan of anything, but at the present time I don’t want to see the name Bo Pelini and the term defensive guru in the same sentence.
It has been five years into his program and when the Huskers do get to a “Big” game, the defense seems to falter. Not really falter, not show up.
I can’t put all the blame on Pelini, because the players have to make plays also, but there seems to be something amiss in preparation, player enthusiasm or something because when the other team runs at will and puts 70 points on the board there are more than just a few problems.
I am sure that the fan base will be more than just a little bit upset.Depending upon what actually plays out in the Bowl Game picture, a 10-win season starts to look a little tainted if there is a four on the other side of it.
The three losses that the Huskers have now are ginormous losses in terms of points scored, yards given up, etc. with the Wisconsin loss in the Big 10 Championship game setting a record for yards allowed rushing against the Black Shirts.
Start giving up 70 points you start getting your program compared with Callahan and Cosgrove and that is probably not good for continued employment. Couple that with a new athletic director coming on board and you could have a quicker move on a change of coaches. I hope that Coach Pelini can get it worked out because usually a change means some more less-than-great season in store.
On the local scene, the Plainsmen girls split games over the weekend and even though they lost to Hershey on Saturday night, from an old coach’s point of view I thought they played hard, did some good things offensively and defensively and played pretty well against the second
rated girls team in Class C2. If they keep playing hard and
improving the season should be a successful one.
The Plainsmen boys lost a couple of games and they were both close. On Friday night a loss in overtime and on Saturday night a loss on a buzzer beater shot. I never found that loss was ever easy, but some stung a little more than others when the game was close and when you take a look at the film you found multiple places where you could have turned the game in your favor.
The Plainsmen should get stronger when they get a couple of returning starters back when they get over some injuries, but until then the other team members will need to continue to step up and fill the gaps.
I lost my twin brother over the weekend. Not really, but Rick Majerus who last coached at St. Louis University died of heart ailment complications. There was some physical likeness between us.
Coach Majerus was on the cover of Scholastic Coach one month and when I picked it up from the post office at first glance I thought they had a picture of me.
Coach spoke at the Nebraska Coaches Clinic one year and I went down to visit with him and told him that some people thought our pictures looked very much alike. Standing side by side, Coach Majerus was about 6-4 and tipped the scales at somewhere north of 300. When I told him some people thought we looked alike, he said maybe except he was better looking, which he said didn’t take much.
He was correct. He had a history of heart trouble, he quipped at the clinic that he had seven-way by-pass surgery, one for each food group.
He was a great coach, a great story teller and he will be missed in the profession.