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Wildcats rout two teams as start to season last weekend PDF Print E-mail

By LaDonna Swedberg
Sports Writer
The Wallace Wildcats couldn’t have asked for a better start to their 2012-13 basketball season. Friday night they dominated the Maywood Tigers defeating them 60–28 and they didn’t let up on Saturday as Wauneta/Palisade went down to the Cats by a score of 65–38.
Wallace vs. Maywood
The Wildcats had to go on the road for their opening game but the travel time and lack of playing on their home court didn’t phase the Cats. The only issue that Wallace dealt with the entire night was their slow start. A couple of minutes ticked off the clock before they scored their first points and the defense allowed the Tigers to score 14 points which accounted for half of their final score.
Once the Cats got the lid off the basket they really lit things up putting 21 points on the board in the opening quarter. Jose Arvizo and Shane Anders each scored a basket and Lane Scott had two buckets plus a free throw.
Landon Swedberg hit a jumper and a three -pointer and Josh Grauerholz had three baskets and a free throw to account for the first quarter scoring.
The second quarter was a little less eventful than the first as both teams scored significantly less. Wallace added 14 points to their score; 10 of which were scored by Swedberg and the other four by Grauerholz. Maywood was held to eight second quarter points to make the halftime score 35–22.
The third quarter definitely looked like it was the first game of the season, there was a lot of defense but not so much in the way of scoring. The quarter was nearly half over before the first points were scored and Grauerhholz was the first to get the job done.
Arvizo had a great assist from Anders to give him his second basket of the game and shortly after that John Marquardt hit a jumper. Before the quarter came to an end, Scott made his third basket to account for the Wildcat’s eight third quarter points. While the offense struggled, the defense was relentless as they kept the Tigers from scoring a single point.
The fourth quarter proved to be a bit more eventful in the way of scoring but the Wildcat defense continued to make things difficult for Maywood. The Tigers were only able to score six points in the second half. Wallace, however, put up 17 fourth quarter points. Six of those points came from Anders, Swedberg added five, Grauerholz had four and Hayden Woodcox scored two. The scoring serge in the last quarter made the final score 60–28.
Statistically, Landon Swedberg led the way for the Wildcats scoring 20 points, grabbing three offensive rebounds and five defensive, he had three steals and six assists. Josh Grauerholz was not far behind with 17 points, three offensive and four defensive rebounds, four assists and one steal.
Wallace vs. Wau/Pal
The Wildcats had little time to recover from their first game before taking on Wauneta/Palisade Saturday afternoon. The short amount of recovery time appeared to benefit Wallace as they started the game quite aggressively and they never backed off. The Wildcat defense once again played big all over the court making things difficult for the Broncos the entire game.
Offensively, Wallace played a more consistent game putting up good numbers in each quarter. Josh Grauerholz played a big game making his presence known under the basket and he started right away scoring the first six points for the Wildcats.
Shane Anders, Landon Swedberg and Lane Scott each added a basket and Taylor Doell a trey to complete the first quarter scoring for Wallace. The defense held the Broncos to just six first quarter points.
The second quarter, much like the first, was a great team effort. Each starter, along with Anders, put points in the score book. Every player on the court came up big on defense and there were some amazing assists.
The Wildcats continued to play a complete ball game in the second half. Grauerholz dominated under the basket putting up 10 third quarter points and seven in the fourth. Doell and Anders each had a couple of buckets of their own and in the final quarter Scott and Marquardt contributed as well. As the game was coming to an end, Mark Jameson came in to score two big baskets of his own to make the final score 65–38.
Josh Grauerholz led the Wildcats in a big way scoring 24 points and pulling down eight total rebounds. Taylor Doell had 12 points, three steals and two assists and Shane Anders had eight points, nine rebounds and two steals. A number of Wildcats had impressive numbers in the score book for the weekend due to an incredible display of teamwork.
Next Action
Wallace will be in action again Dec. 7 when they travel to Maxwell to test their skills against the orange and black Wildcats. Game time is scheduled for 4 p.m.