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We Lucky Americans

By Roxie Lampmann

I love these United States for it is the land of the free.  A melting pot, too, of many cultures, from sea to shining sea.
There’s the flag – a symbol – of all that’s good and true;  with 50 stars and 13 stripes amid the red, white, and blue.
We sing the Star Spangled Banner and get a lump in our throats, as passion and pride swell in us, tho’ we still can’t hit that high note!
It’s great to be an American.  To be born here is really the best.  Because then you’ll know the language and you won’t have to take that test.
Others come to America where they’re free to pursue their dreams;  thru hard work and perseverance, determination, true grit, and schemes.
Don’t you just love living here?  There’s not a better place on the planet!  So show your pride, wave the flag high, and don’t take your freedoms for granted!