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Violence problem is deeper than movies PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
The editorial, “Play a Role to Stop the Violence,” (The Grant Tribune-Sentinel, 25 October 2012), demands a response.
Regarding the violence against children and human beings in general, there is a lot that we all can do.
The first and foremost thing all people must understand is who each of us is as human beings. Whether one admits it or not, each human being is created by God and in His image and likeness.
Furthermore, each and every human person is the highest form of God’s creation. This statement is not based on emotions and feelings, but rather thought, reason and truth.
Two summers ago Murphy Lierley of Grant wrote a brilliant piece on Pope John Paul II in this paper. In that column Murphy alluded to some of this pope’s writings, one being a letter called “The Gospel of Life.” The Pope focused on the fact that all human life is sacred. He goes further in referring to the greatest evil against all human life: abortion. The kicker in this letter is what the Pope calls “addressing the symptom instead of addressing the root of the problem.”
To me this editorial addresses symptoms, not the root of the problem. For example, this editorial refers to violent movies. That is true, but the root is disrespect for human life in general.
Consider this statement by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “Every time an abortion takes place throughout the world, a little bit of each of us dies.” This is where the devaluing, the disrespect, the murder and the killing begins.
Every human being must understand that nobody, but nobody has the right to kill an unborn baby. Also, all of us are not equal, never have been, never will be.
Over the past couple of months, I have approached both men and women with a simple question, “Are women equal to men?” Many were stunned at the answer, “Women have always been superior to men, simply because they have the capability of bringing God’s greatest gift to the world into being: human life.
A side note: A woman does not have to physically conceive a child to possess this superiority, for it is innate, by God’s design. Mother Teresa of Calcutta understood all the above. It is precisely what motivated her to do what she did in her life.
I try and must continue to try to follow her example. For example, I have never voted for a pro-abortion political candidate. My God-given dignity depends on women having babies, even in cases of rape and incest. This is imperative, though very difficult, but not impossible.
I couldn’t help but notice the editorial focuses on Denver, New Jersey and Oregon. What about the mother that prostituted out her 14 and seven-year-old daughters in North Platte? Five men had sex with each of them.
The problem is much deeper than movies. Furthermore, Hollywood is a big supporter of a political party in this country that is for abortion, sterilization, and birth control at taxpayer expense. And this is considered health care?
This is shocking considering the fact that this country is predominantly Christian; and the Congress is overwhelmingly Christian.
Mark my words, if Obamacare continues to be the law of the land and the abortion, sterilization and birth control provisions remain intact we will continue to see violence against children and human beings in general. In fact, it will continue to get worse. And violence against women and girls will increase.
We will continue to see the death of our economy and our country and our world. This is serious business. All people must realize this is all connected and related. People need to quit thinking we can treat issues separately.
In closing, instead of worrying about language in movies how about changing our own language? Women don’t “get pregnant.” Female animals do. Parents don’t have “kids,” animals (goats and animals) do. Women “conceive” or “carry” children. Parents and grandparents have “children” and “grandchildren” respectively.
Finally, it’s a “baby,” a “child,” not a “fetus or “glob of cells.” These are small things we all can do. It doesn’t start with big things. Respecting human life in the womb is a small thing that goes a long way to respecting human life in general.
For Americans respecting all human life is enshrined in the founding documents of this Republic. If you attended college and didn’t learn this, you did not learn what you must know and you need to go back to a better one.

Sincerely yours,
David Hovorka