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Ending on a high note

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

Busy time in high school sports activities, college football, and professional football and there is even pre-season professional basketball going on now. So many activities, so little time to watch them all, but I do the best I can.
On the high school level, the Perkins County Cross Country girls had a nice season and competed hard at the state cross country meet in Kearney last Friday.
I always respect any student  who participates in cross country and track, especially the distance people in track, because they are very dedicated athletes. You have to admire athletes who run multiple miles each day so that they can compete in multiple miles at a meet.
It is not an easy sport and to participate and finish the season is an accomplishment and to finish the season at the state meet is a great accomplish. Congratulations to the girls and the coaches for a good season.
The Perkins County boys football squad also finished on a high note with a victory at Bridgeport to win the district championship again this year and they have advanced to the state playoffs that begin today (Thursday) with a repeat game with Hershey.     
The Plainsmen defeated Hershey earlier in the season at Hershey, but this is the playoffs and now you have to do it again. The second time around sometimes proves to be much more difficult if there is a lack of focus and just a bit of “looking ahead” at what is down the road.
It is a cliché for sure, but one game at a time is what it takes when you get to this time of the season. You still need to improve each time you play even if it is playoff time. Good luck to the Plainsmen and the coaches in their quest to “Go the Distance” in the second season of this year.
Now just like last year, I want to express a thought that I have about the football playoffs and that is there are too many teams playing.  I am not completely sure of the count last year, but I know there were a lot of teams at .500 or a game below last year.
This year especially in C1 there are a number of teams that have only two wins for the season. You should not be in a playoff situation if you have only won two out of eight games.
Two things usually happen to these teams. One, they get to travel across the state to play the game, and two, the game usually turns into a monumental fanny kicking for the traveling team.
I realize that in basketball for example all teams get a shot at the playoffs. Most of the time the weaker teams fall to the wayside in the sub-districts or districts and travel even though at times is extreme; it isn’t as bad as some of the football trips.
I can remember when North Platte Senior High only won two games in a season and both were in their district and they got to travel to Lincoln where I believe it was Omaha Central that got to administer the whipping. Those situations are rare.
It isn’t so rare in football, and very seldom do those teams ever advance. Too many teams–and I think they should be cut back to 16 teams in each class. It is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
For now, we love what they are doing, so come out and support the Plainsmen against Hershey at Haenfler Field and I will see you at the games.