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Grant residents asked to trim alley trees and bushes PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
The City of Grant is requesting that all residents trim the trees and bushes along their alley as far back as the lot line.
The garbage truck is being damaged by tree branches, some that hang out as far as four or five feet into the alley.
The city alleys are 20 feet wide, which provide adequate room for large vehicles if trees are trimmed properly.
Trees need to be trimmed to 15 feet above the ground in order to prevent damage toward the top of the garbage truck as it passes by.
Residents can conveniently dispose of the trimmed branches at the city dump area located west of the Perkins County Fairgrounds in the southwest part of Grant.  
City officials also remind residents who live on a corner lot to trim their trees and bushes to provide adequate visibility at the intersections to reduce chances of an accident.
Stop signs and street signs need to be visible and easy to read from a distance. Fire hydrants should also be easy to locate in the event of a fire in a neighborhood within city limits.
City officials hope residents will voluntarily take on the task of trimming back the trees and bushes that line the alleys.
If the growth is not trimmed properly, the city will send a letter of notification to the resident and they will have 60 days to clear the designated portion of the alley.
According to the city’s code book (94.094): The city shall have the right to prune, maintain and remove trees and shrubs within the line of all streets and alleys. Removal or trimming shall be done by the owners at their own expense within sixty (60) days after the date of service of the notice.  If the owner fails to comply with such provisions the city shall have the authority to remove such trees and charge the cost of removal on the owner’s property tax notice.
Anyone with any questions about the city’s code or about the guidelines of trimming back trees and shrubs may contact Grant City Hall at 352-2300.