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Huskers better get it together

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

Back to the drawing board Huskers. Again it happens, big game, national TV, chance to make a move in the Big Ten, and the result is pretty much the same. No steady offense, absolutely no solid defense and it ends up pretty much a nationally televised spanking. Not good for recruiting, not good for the mental health of players, coaches, or what it is worth, fans.
The previous sentences are not really written to cast a negative light on the Husker football program, but just an opportunity to be Captain Obvious. You don’t have to be an old retired basketball coach to see we have trouble with any team that is stronger than maybe Idaho.
Barry Switzer used to say “Let’s hang a half a hundred on them,” when he was coaching at OU. Coach Meyer got 60+ on Bo. If we have a defensive genius on the coaching staff, he is hiding. Offensively if we keep trying to make T-Magic a “drop back” passer, more teams might be dropping a “half a hundred” on us.
It was one of those nights, missed blocks, missed tackles, too many turnovers and lack of execution on about every part of the game, offense, defense, special teams. Next week won’t be any easier, so Huskers, strap the helmets on and get it put together.
This is a little off the wall, but I was sent, and I think from someone on my Facebook page, to a clip featuring a group called “Madison Rising” and their rendition of the National Anthem. I have heard a number of singers mess this hard-to-sing song up and heard all kinds of renditions tried. Some of them good, some of them terrible to the point of a charge of treason should have been issued, see Roseann Barr.
I always thought the best performance of the National Anthem was by the late Whitney Houston at one of the Super Bowls. Still think it is the best but this group I like also.
This group is a “Hard Rock” group, and that isn’t my type of music, but I downloaded this from iTunes onto my iPod. You might not like it, but I did. I am not a good music critic, but I was just about one football practice away from being a music major in college. If you get a chance take listen and see what you think about this sound.
I didn’t go to Oberlin because we were at the grandsons visiting their parents and I am still in Lincoln writing this now after the Husker game, so I haven’t talked to anyone about the game other than getting the score as we drove to Lincoln on Friday night.
It would appear that that game was just a little “speed bump” and if they will take care of the rest of their schedule that all of their goals for the season could still be reached. Block out anymore problems, and tackle the new ones head on and get into the playoffs on a high note. The second season starts in a just a couple of weeks.
On Sunday my son Troy and I attended the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame Foundation induction ceremonies for this year’s class of athletes, contributors and coaches. Two of the coaches are good friends of mine and are very deserving of the honor of being named to the Hall of Fame.
Steve Morgan, long time volleyball coach at Ogallala High School, and Del Schoenfish, former basketball and golf coach at Cambridge, were inducted.
Morgan has 800 plus wins and multiple state champions and Schoenfish with state championships in basketball and golf were great picks for this year’s induction. They are to be congratulated for this and all the other many honors they have received through the years, but more importantly for the contributions that have been made to their communities and to the students of those communities through their teaching and coaching.