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Staying the course

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS  Activities  Director

The Nebraska Cornhuskers made their second biggest comeback ever to defeat defending Big 10 Champions Wisconsin last Saturday.  
You have to give credit to the coaches and players who “stayed the course,” as Coach Pelini said in the post-game press conference. “No one panicked. Everyone stayed together and made adjustments,” he told reporters.          That certainly is easier to say after winning than losing, and the second half of the game was about as good as the Huskers have played for a while.
Some of the beat reporters from Omaha and Lincoln have been quick to report that there are fans that are unhappy with Pelini because he “Can’t win the big one.” “He hasn’t been able to win a conference title,” and little negative stuff to keep the pot stirring I guess.
The retiring athletic director had the same problem. People wanted to fire him and there were signs thanking Tom for all he had done over the past 100 years or so.  
It is interesting how the writers ebb and flow with however the last game turned out for the Huskers.  The loss to UCLA brought out the negative stuff and then after winning over two teams, one of which might have had trouble competing in Class A Nebraska football, everything was just fine.
It doesn’t take a lot of success to go from “We need a change of coaches,” to “ Huskers are favorites to win it all.”
Let’s see what playing Ohio State at their place, Michigan at Lincoln, and Michigan State on the road brings. If the Huskers can play every half like they did the second half, anything can happen.  
I have to admit after the first four minutes of the Wisconsin contest, I wondered if the Huskers had enough power to climb out of the hole they were in after falling behind 14-0.  
The NCIS Marathon was on another channel and that is a favorite so turning off the game wasn’t all that difficult. But that was only a little bit because I couldn’t stand the suspense of wondering what was going on in Lincoln.  So I got to watch the come back and still wonder what switch Coach Pelini hit that made things run way more smoothly in the second half.
West Virginia vs Baylor
West Virginia played their first Big 12 game and it appears that they will fit into the offense heavy conference.  They defeated Baylor 70 to 63 in a non-overtime game.  
I wonder if there is a defensive coordinators job open at either school.  It would be easy to say that if we would have just gotten one more stop we could have won that game or if we had just gotten “A” stop sometime in the game it would have been a win.
I watched the game until half time, and it was tied 35-35 at half, so I am assuming that West Virginia got that one stop or Baylor just ran out of time.
Plainsmen Travel to Kansas
Throughout the past years of football scheduling, the Plainsmen teams have not ventured into Kansas for games.  The last time I believe was in the early 90s and the game was at Atwood.  
There is a common opponent this year and it is Cambridge.  Oberlin shut Cambridge out 26-0 back in August, but that is their only win so far this season. I would bet that this will be a pretty good test for the Plainsmen, which is what you want as you get towards the end of the regular season and looking to keep up the winning ways–then get into the playoffs and make some noise at the end of the season.
See you at the games!