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By Christy Sheets
Sports Writer
Wallace Triangular

The Wallace Wildcats competed in the Wallace Triangular on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The Cats’ first opponent was the Brady Eagles. The Lady Wildcats started out a bit timid in the first set, but they stepped it up a bit in the second. Unfortunately, a determined Eagles team battled to win the match in two, 12-25, and 18-25.
Leading the team offensively against the Eagles was Sara Hubbard with three points. Anna Griffiths (one ace), Christina Daniels (one ace), and Abbey Rohde each had two points, and Chelsea Sowle and Alex Lundvall each with one point. Leading the team with set assists was Lundvall with five, followed by Rachel Marquardt with three, Griffiths and Hayley Storm each with one.
Defensively, Daniels had five kills and one block, Sowle had five kills, and Marquardt had one block.
Wallace vs.Maywood
The Lady Cats then had to face the Maywood Tigers. The cats won this match in straight sets 25-13 and 25-19.
In striking contrast to the first match, the Cats were ready for the Tigers, taking the early lead. The Tigers made every effort to fight back, but the Cats dominated the first set 25 to 13.
The second set saw a livelier Tiger team. Both teams rallied and tried to build momentum, but it was the Cats that finally broke the set open. The Tigers worked hard to make something happen, but the Lady Cats won the second set and the match 25 to19.
When asked for a comment on the night, Coach Strand said, “Our passing was much better in the second match.” She added, “We still need to work on talking more. When we are talking and working together, we are hard to beat.”
Leading the team offensively against Maywood was Daniels with 10 (two aces), followed closely by Rohde (four aces) with eight. Hubbard had five points (one ace), Lundvall had four points, Griffiths (one ace) had two points, and Sowle had one point.
Leading the team with set assists was Lundvall with seven, followed by Marquardt with four, Griffiths with three, and Hubbard with one.
Defensively, Daniels led the team with seven kills, followed by Sowle with five kills and one block. Rohde had three kills and one block, and Hubbard had one kill.
Wallace vs Brady
On Friday night, the Wildcats traveled to face the Brady Eagles for the second time in a week. The Wallace Lady Cats were looking for revenge and fought to defeat the Eagles in five sets 17 to 25, 25 to 18, 18 to 25, 27 to 25, and 15 to 11.
In the first set, the Lady Cats started out a bit flat, forcing the Wallace coaches to make several early substitutions. As the set progressed, however, the Wildcats started to gain some momentum. Unfortunately, for the Cats it was a little too late, and the Eagles took the first set, 17 to 25.
In the second set, the Lady Cats were ready to rally. Brady tried to pound everything at the Cats, but the Wildcats refused to let anything hit the court, diving and digging everything up.                     Senior Chelsea Sowle stepped up to the service line, and had nine unanswered points to give the Cats a huge lead. The Lady Cats were poised to win the second set, and had set point at 24 to 13, but it was the Eagles’ turn to rally back with five unanswered points.
Once again Sowle stepped up to slam the ball to the court, and the Lady Cats won the second set 25 to 18.
In the third set, the Eagles, based on their rally late in the second set, started out strong. The Cats continued to work hard, and refused to let down, but Brady continued to build momentum. The Eagles won the third set 18 to 25.
In the fourth set, both teams battled back and forth. Wallace continued to dig up everything, and Brady continued to hit hard. Brady took the early lead, but the Wildcats rallied back to tie the match at 22, and force the Eagle bench to call a time out. The Wildcats took the lead 23 to 22, but the Eagles rallied to take the lead 24 to 23. A net serve allowed the Cats to take a breath and regain the lead 25 to 24.
The Eagles got the ball back to tie it at 25, but the Cats refused to stop fighting. The Wildcats won the fourth set to stay in the match 27 to 25.
In the fifth set, the Lady Cats took the early lead, but the Eagles came racing back to overtake the Cats. A well placed time out, and a never-give-up attitude allowed the Lady Cats to retake the lead. The Wildcats were determined, and won, in the best match of their season thus far, 15 to 11.
When asked about the game, Coach Strand said, “Finally, we played how I knew we could. The girls played very well against a tough Brady team.” She added, “We played great defense, and worked to get our offense clicking. The girls played smart, and worked together.”
Offensively, Sowle led the team with 19 points (five aces), followed by Hubbard (two aces) with eight points. Daniels (one ace), Mickayla Sheets, and Rohde each had five points, and Lundvall (two aces) and Griffiths each had four points.
Leading the team with set assists was Lundvall with 19, followed by Griffiths with nine, Katelyn Melton and Marquardt each with five, Daniels with four, and Hayley Storm with one.
Leading the cats defensively Friday night was Daniels with 13 kills and two blocks, followed closely by Rohde with 12 kills and one block. Sowle had seven kills and two blocks, Hubbard had seven kills, and Melton had two kills and two blocks.
Next Action
On Thursday, Oct. 4, the Cats will host South Platte, and on Friday, Oct. 5, the Lady Cats will host Hitchcock County.