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Concerns for high speeds on country roads PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I am writing in the concern of the high speeds on our country roads. A week ago Sunday, our dog was hit and killed by a speeding vehicle traveling down road 333, with absolutely no regard to our family, to stop and let us know.
I do understand that an accident is just that, but to hit someone’s pet, who was wearing a reflective collar, and you stop, back up and just drive off is not only rude, but disheartening! WHAT IF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A CHILD???
Some people seem to think that the law doesn’t apply to them! They speed down the road and don’t or won’t slow down or move over for anyone walking or running!
On Monday mornings, you can see the results of the effects of inconsiderate drivers that tear up the intersection. The road conditions are not the greatest, and them contributing to the rough road conditions doesn’t help!
I understand that law enforcement can’t be everywhere, but with harvest coming, I fear that someone is going to be hurt or even worse! I see law enforcement sitting along highways, why can’t the same be done on our country roads??
Sonnie Lampmann