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Patricia Bremmer lures teens into mystery books with ‘Psychic Genes’ PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican
Bestselling mystery author  Patricia Bremmer of rural Venango has just released her first “crossover” book, leading teens into her adult mystery series. “Psychic Genes” has a high school setting with adult problems.
The new book is about a teenage girl who feels different from other students, Bremmer said.
“She doesn’t know why she seems to know things. Turns out her mom has been hiding from her the fact that she comes from a family of women who have psychic abilities,” she said.
The girl’s best friend’s dad is a suspect in a crime, and the girl and her friend, along with an aunt and Detective Karst, discover the truth.
In addition, there are a couple of ghostly visitors to help solve the mystery.
The girl’s aunt, Jennifer Parker, is a character from Bremmer’s Elusive Clue Series with Detective Karst. “Psychic Genes could be part of the Elusive Clue Series, but I made it a crossover since high school kids are the main characters,” she commented.
“I’m certain my adult fans will read it as well. Adult problems with teen characters.
“High schoolers are reading all of my books anyway, so I thought I would make them characters,” she said.
Bremmer noted that her other books are “pretty tame” by most standards, with the focus on solving the crimes rather than the blood and guts.
“So, if you like mystery this is the book. If you like psychic stuff this is the book, and if you like ghost stories this is the book and, of course, if you’re a Detective Karst fan, this is the book,” she enthused.
Bremmer began her writing career in 2003, and has since written and published 14 books, including the local title, “Legend of Arterburn Lake.”
She is currently editing a book called “Hoke” for middle grade and up about time travel from Perkins County with “a lot of Indian lore in it. It’s quite captivating.”
Bremmer and her sleuth, Detective Glen Karst, who has appeared in Imperial, will be at the Goodall Library in Ogallala Friday from 8:30-10:30 a.m. for breakfast and book signing.
They will also be on KOGA’s Midwest Opinions Friday at 7:30 a.m.