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By Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff
The Lady Plainsmen met with undefeated Leyton as well as Bridgeport and Bayard at a tournament held in Bridgeport on Saturday, Sept. 15, finishing second behind Leyton.
Previously, they took on South Platte and Paxton in a triangular where they finished in the second place spot. Paxton was the victor in the triangular taking place Thursday, Sept. 16.
Bridgeport Tourney
In a schedule of six total games, Leyton remained undefeated this season, taking down each team in two sets, and finishing in first place. Perkins County brought home the silver, Bridgeport finished third and Bayard fourth on Saturday.
In Perkins County’s first match-up on Saturday, the second game of the day, the girls were beat by Leyton in two sets, 16-25 and 23-25.
“Being undefeated, we knew they would be tough,” said Head Coach Penny Hite. “We didn’t come out as ready as we wanted, and just couldn’t shut down the offense.”
However, the girls had some outstanding improvement in serves with 39/40. Hite commended the performances of seniors Jessie Woodmancy and Michi Prante.
“Michi played excellent defense with 17/17,” said Hite.
PC vs. Leyton
16-25, 23-25

Kills: S. Metcalf 7, A. Osler 3, M. Prante 3. C. McClenahan 2, B. Ross 2, J. Woodmancy 1. Ace blocks: S. Metcalf 4. Ace serves: M. Prante 2, S. Metcalf 1. C. Waitley 1.
Playing with intensity, the Lady Plainsmen came back in their second match of the day, beating Bridgeport in three sets.
“I love these girls!” said Hite. “They learn so quickly and can adjust to the ball so well. It’s nice that even if the score is 17-23 we can still come back and make great plays. They don’t give up!”
The offense had outstanding game with a total of 32 kills for the team.
“Everyone is to be commended this game,” said Hite. “They all contributed to the team in some way.”
PC vs. Bridgeport
25-17, 19-25, 25-22

Kills: S. Metcalf 8, C. McClenahan 5, C. Waitley 5, J. Woodmancy 3, A. Osler, B. Ross, M. Prante 2 each. Ace blocks: S. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: J. Woodmancy 3, B. Ross 2, M. Prante 2, C. Waitley 1.
Managing a win in three sets against Bayard, the Lady Plainsmen struggled to keep their intensity and focus on fundamentals, said Coach Hite.
“Their sheer desire and heart to finish the day on top was enough to get the win,” she added.
Junior Allison Kiolbasa had four ace serves to her credit, providing a lot of momentum to the team’s win.
“Overall I’m very pleased with the day coming out two of three games with wins,” said Hite, “It was a great team effort.”
PC vs. Bayard
25-17, 20-25, 25-20

Kills: S. Metcalf 14, B. Ross 4, A. Osler 3, C. Waitley 3, C. McClenahan 2, J. Woodmancy 1, M. Prante 1. Ace blocks: A. Osler 3, S. Metcalf 2. Ace serves: A. Kiolbasa 4, B. Ross 4, S. Metcalf 2, C. McClenahan 2, M. Prante 2, C. Waitley 1.

South Platte Triangular
Two days prior to the Bridgeport tourney, the girls traveled to Big Springs to take part in a triangular against South Platte and Paxton. The girls finished in the middle, beating South Platte in two sets in the first match then falling to Paxton in two.
South Platte
With a strong start, the Lady Plainsmen shut down the South Platte Storm with a comfortable score of 25-13 in the first set. Wanting to rally in the second set, the Storm gave the Plainsmen a harder time in the second set. Perkins County finally pulled off a win in overtime, 27-25.
“This was a good win for us,” said Penny Hite. “South Platte is good and we had trouble finding the holes.”
PC vs. South Platte
25-13, 27-25

Kills: S. Metcalf 15, C. Waitley 3, A. Osler, J. Woodmancy, B. Ross and M. Prante, 2 each. Ace blocks: S. Metcalf 1. A. Osler 1. Ace serves: C. McClenahan 1, S. Metcalf 1.
The Lady Plainsmen next took on the Lady Tigers of Paxton, falling in two sets, 18-25 and 20-25.
“They did some really good things,” said Hite of the Lady Plainsmen. “Adjusting the defense helped us stay in the game.”
Hite commended the serving of several players, Brandie Ross, Courtney McClenahan , Michi Prante and Carlie Waitley.
PC vs. Paxton
18-25, 20-25
Kills: S. Metcalf 9, A. Osler 3, C. Waitley 2, C. McClenahan 2, J. Woodmancy 1, B. Ross 1. Ace serves: B. Ross 1, M. Prante 1.