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Living in community

By Pastor Linda Battello
United Methodist Church, Madrid, Elsie

There is a group people who call themselves anarchists. Anarchists do not believe in rules of any kind and think that society will regulate itself without rules. In this model each of us is only for ourselves.
At this meeting they met on public land, cooked food that others traded for and there were no regulations.
Would you be willing to take your kids to eat at a place with no inspection of the food or the establishment? How about public services, would you accept no police or fire or ambulance service except as you individually could pay for it?
God does not intend for us to be anarchists. God’s son, Jesus Christ, did not go about doing whatever he wanted by Himself. He was raised in a family and called together a community of followers who were in ministry with Him. He understood that we live in community and need peace, love and discipline, in order to live together with respect and equal treatment for all.
Why do we so often think that faith is only a personal and private matter? Faith happens in the context of community and faith is displayed in community.
Each of us comes to God through faith in Christ and God works in each of us by the Holy Spirit. God then expects us to live into the commandment to love God with all we are and our neighbors as ourselves.
That expectation requires God’s grace and a community of love and support. We are expected to love each person as God does and treat them as a brother or sister. We can’t do this alone.
So let’s remember we need God and each other and support our local community of faith in order to complete the work God would have us do.
Shalom, Rev. Linda