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Residents warned of internet scam PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Residents are being warned about a scam that came to the attention last week of local computer business owner and Perkins County Chamber President Bernie Deaver.
Deaver was contacted by a customer who had received numerous calls from someone identifying themselves as a representative of Microsoft. The caller had told the local resident that their Windows would expire soon and that they likely had a virus.
Deaver said his customer told him she allowed this caller to remote into her computer, and show her a website where the caller explained various levels of computer protection he could sell her.
Even though the caller had then gotten off the phone with her, he continued looking through the files on her computer.
“She could see it happening on the screen,” said Deaver.
At that point, she called Deaver Computer Service and they were able to access her computer through a remote support utility she had previously installed for purposes of Deaver Computer Service support, and disconnected whoever was in there.
Deaver said the woman then immediately received a phone call from the scam artist again, trying to intimidate her into letting him have further access.
“As with many of these scams, when we did some tracking, we found some overseas connection to the website he was using to try to get credit card info from her,” said Deaver. “We also were able to find the name of domain owner and some other info to aid her if there has been a theft.”
Deaver has some reminders for people vulnerable to scam artists:
Always remember:
• We are not safe online just because we live in rural America.
• Microsoft will never call you, unless you’ve called them first.
• Windows does not “expire”
•    A legitimate antivirus company will never make a sales call to you, or cause annoying pop ups on your computer trying to sell you something.
• Never, never, never give someone you don’t know remote access to your computer.
• Never, never, never give personal information over the phone to someone you don’t know.
• If you think your computer may be compromised, or that someone has “hacked” into it, disconnect it from the internet until you can have it checked out by a professional.